Teen Miss Cherokee says thank you

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I would like to this time to say thank you to the many people who helped me while I was preparing for the Teen Miss Cherokee pageant.

Teen Miss Cherokee 2012 Bradley Welch (Photo courtesy of Heather Younce)

First, I want to thank God who has blessed me in so many ways and continues to bless me in whatever ways He sees fit.

Thank you to my Nan, Nancy Maney, and my aunt, Johnnie Ruth Maney, for sewing all of my outfits.  Thank you to Richard Saunooke for my moccasins and thank you to Karen George for my belts. You all are truly talented artists, and it’s my honor to be able to wear your creations.  Thank you.

Thank you to my Grandpa, John Henry Maney, uncles Buff Maney and Don Maney, my aunt Charlie Crowe, and cousin Angela Maney for helping me prepare for the interview.

Thank you to Heather Owl for allowing me to ride on her car.  Thank you to Uncle Rodney, Uncle Burt Swimmer and family and Aunt Rena Swimmer and girls for the candy. Thank you to my Aunt Flora Bradley for donating the bags for the candy. Thank you to Tagan, Madison and P-nut Crowe for my t-shirts.  Thank you to Deja Burgess, Avery Mintz, Ni and Osti Younce for throwing candy for me. Thank you to Trista Welch for my car signs.

Thank You to my Uncle Micah Swimmer, Aunt Carrah Swimmer and longtime family friends Ritchie, Kim and Shakira Bottchenbaugh for helping me with my talent. I learn so much from you all and it means the world to me how you all are so eager to help when asked, thank you.

Thank You to Guy Wildcat and the pageant board for doing an awesome job with the pageants this year.

Thank You to my family and friends who supported me and helped me and/or my mom these past couple of months. If I have left anyone out, please forgive me.

Lastly, thank you to my Mom and Geek for all their love and support.


Thank you,

Bradley McKae Welch

Teen Miss Cherokee 2012-2013