Pretty Legs Contest information

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  • Winner is picked by crowd participation,
  • A photo of you in attire and music (if any) must be included with application.
  • A judging panel will narrow contestants to 10 participants upon reviewing applications.
  • Talent must be tasteful. The Cherokee fair is a family event. If your talent gets raunchy or distasteful you will be pulled off the stage immediately.
  • There will be a $25.00 entry fee from all contestants to enter this competition. Prize money will be awarded to 1st , 2nd, & 3rd places.
  • All participants must be 18 years & over. A photo I.D. is REQUIRED.
  • Application, photo and script is due on Monday, Oct. 1 by 12pm for review. Then the judging panel will review and narrow down to 10 contestants.
  • If you are picked, your talent can be anywhere between two to five minutes of stage time.
  • Once all the actors/actresses are done with talent we will line up and ask crowd to cheer for the winner. (the louder the better)
  • Deadline for sign-ups is Monday, Oct. 1 at 12pm
  • Absolutely no drinking or drugs permitted on fair grounds.


Name: ___________________________________________________

Stage name: _______________________________________________

Address:       _______________________________________________


Phone Number: ____________________________________________


For sign up information, please contact the Cherokee Welcome Center 554-6490.