Cherokee Cross Country report

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Cherokee’s varsity and middle school cross country teams have participated in three events so far this year including the WNC Cross Country Invitational in Hendersonville on Saturday, Aug. 25, at Swain on Wednesday, Sept. 5 and the WCU Cross Country Festival in Cullowhee on Saturday, Sept. 8.

Cherokee’s Isiah Davis runs at a cross country meet at Swain County High School on Wednesday, Sept. 5. He came in 58th with a time of 26:51. (Photo courtesy of Sparrow Standingdeer)

“With three races completed this year, cross country teams are showing what makes champions,” said coach Eddie Swimmer.  “Racing over tough terrain and heat for 3.1 miles (5K) for the high school teams and two miles for our middle school teams, each team member I couldn’t be more proud of.”

Cherokee results from each meet is as follows:


WNC Cross Country Invitational


Gerald Mahan, 52nd, 19:35.83

Brock Powell, 144th, 21:29.29

Isiah Davis, 212nd, 23:50.16

Ethan Swearengin, 222nd, 25:32.38


Kendall Toineeta, 32nd, 23:03.53

Avery Mintz, 62nd, 24:17.30

Lydia Lossiah, 65th, 24:26.33

Jordyn Thompson, 93rd, 25:38.65

Sidney Yanez, 121st, 27:16.88

Alexis Maney, 169th, 33:33.95

Cherokee girls placed 13th out of 25 teams.  The winning school was Chapel Hill.

MS Boys

Jerome “JJ” Thompson, 15:03

MS Girls

Devonna Reed, 14:35


Swain meet


Gerald Mahan, 21st, 21:42

Brock Powell, 25th, 22:25

Isiah Davis, 58th, 26:51

E.J. Carroll, 60th, 27:36

Ethan Swearengin, 62nd, 28:36

Levi Swearengin, 65th, 29:05

Gabe Crowe, 77th, 34:00


Kendall Toineeta, 4th, 23:09

Lydia Lossiah, 18th, 25:46

Jordyn Thompson, 27th, 26:43

Sidney Yanez, 51st, 32:26

Alexis Maney, 60th, 36:19

Cherokee girls placed 11th out of 11 teams.

MS Boys

J.J. Thompson, 31st, 15:45

MS Girls

Devonna Reed, 1st, 13:46


WCU Cross Country Festival


Gerald Mahan, 44th, 20:17.93

Brock Powell, 63rd, 22:13.35

Ethan Swearengin, 82nd, 24:25.68

E.J. Carroll, 83rd, 24:26.51

Gabe Crowe, 90th, 32:10.69


Kendall Toineeta, 16th, 22:17.96

Lydia Lossiah, 46th, 24:16.73

Alexis Maney, 94th, 31:30.00

MS Boys

J.J. Thompson, 24th, 14:54.75

MS Girls

Devonna Reed, 4th, 14:32.81