Schedule for Friday’s Cherokee Archaeology Day

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Following is the official schedule for the Cherokee Archaeology Day being hosted by the EBCI Tribal Historic Preservation Office on Friday, Sept. 7 from 8:15am – 3pm at the Chestnut Tree Inn:


Ballroom 1                                                                                           Ballroom 2

8:15-8:30              Opening Remarks

8:30-9                    Lamar Marshall                                              Dr. Anne Rogers

9-9:30                    Pat Ezzell                                                           Tyler Howe

9:30-10                 Paul Webb (Ravensford)                             Erin Pritchard

10-10:30               Break                                                                  Break

10:30-11               Dr. Thomas Maher                                        Shawn Patch

11-11:30               Dr. Jan Simek                                                   Scott Ashcraft

11:30-12               Dr. Ben Steere                                                  Steven Kidd

12-1:00                 Lunch                                                                  Lunch

1-1:30                                                                                                   Dr. Brett Riggs

1:30-2                    Paul Webb (Hickory Log)                           Dr. Kathryn Sampeck

2-2:30                    Dr. David Moore                                            Dr. Elizabeth Keller DeCorse,

Michael Angst, and Erik Kreusch

2:30-3                    Russell Townsend


Lamar Marshall- Cherokee Geography of Western North Carolina

Dr. Anne Rogers- Archaeology at the Appletree Camp Ground Site

Pat Ezzell- Consultation History with Southeastern Tribes

Tyler Howe- Year End Review of the THPO

Paul Webb- Ravensford Archaeology

Erin Pritchard- Archaeological Resources Protection Act

Dr. Thomas Maher- TVA’s Commitment to NAGPRA Repatriation

Shawn Patch- The Sacred Hiwassee Riverscape

Dr. Jan Simek- The Sky Above, the Mud Below: Prehistoric Cave and Rock Art in Tennessee

Scott Ashcraft- Big Things for a Big Guy, The Judaculla Rock Project

Dr. Ben Steere- The Western North Carolina Mounds and Towns Project: Using Archaeology to Relocate Important Places on the Cherokee Landscape

Steven Kidd- Archaeological Excavations at the Peaks of Otter, Virginia

Dr. Brett Riggs- The Archaeology of Cherokee Life at the Time of Removal

Paul Webb- Hickory Log Site

Dr. Kathryn Sampeck- New Evaluation of DeSoto’s Route from Joara to Chiaha: the Cherokee Borderlands

Dr. David Moore- Cherokee Diplomats and the Diplomacy of Survival

Dr. Elizabeth Keller DeCorse, Michael Angst, and Erik Kreusch- Connecting the Past to the Present: The Cherokee Archaeological Field School

Russell Townsend- Closing Remarks