Blue Ridge Parkway needs volunteers to adopt an overlook

by Jul 31, 2012NEWS ka-no-he-da0 comments

     The Blue Ridge Parkway has entrusted Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway with the care of 272 overlooks and parking areas that need help.  Individuals, families, clubs, businesses, and groups of friends are encouraged to adopt one or more of these overlooks. 

     The Blue Ridge Parkway manages and maintains 272 overlooks. These overlooks range in use from scenic pull-offs to regularly-used trailheads. The BRP maintenance staff is officially tasked with cleaning overlooks as their schedules permit, however, over the past ten years, the Parkway has seen a decline in funding for the maintenance division. At this time, the Parkway is only able to perform approximately 10% of the needed maintenance and repair on overlooks, and the backlog of identified overlook maintenance projects increases every year.

     For more information about the Adopt-an-Overlook program, including overlook availabilities, visit or call (800) 228-7275. For more information about Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway, including local chapter information, visit or call toll free at (800) 228-7275.

– Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway