Safety tips for kids from Sheriff Jimmy Ashe

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     “Parents should always take special steps to ensure the safety of their children,” says Sheriff Ashe of JacksonCounty.  “Following are a few simple guidelines for their safety.”

     It is especially important to know where your children are at all times.  You should also caution your children about contact with strangers.

     “Remind your children never to enter a stranger’s car or house, never to accept money or gifts from strangers, and never to let a stranger touch them or join them in play,” said Sheriff Ashe.

     Children should play in groups, never alone or in vacant buildings or alleys.  When heading to a public place, they should always go with a friend.

     Ask your children to tell you of any unusual actions of grown-ups they may encounter.  Teach them that if they are ever bothered by a stranger in a car, or if they ever see a playmate getting into a stranger’s car, they should get the license number of the car and a description, if possible.  Remember to report any incidents to law enforcement officials immediately.

     “As parents, you should know the character of the adults who become friendly with your children,” stated Sheriff Ashe.  Know the background of baby-sitters or anyone who has charge of your children in your absence.

     Also before departing for a trip or going to a special event, parents take a second and pull out your cell phone and take individual pictures of each child.  That way if the unthinkable happens and a child gets lost, you have a picture of how they are dressed and what they looked like that day.  The photo can immediately be sent to law enforcement to aid in locating the child.  Seconds can be crucial in these situations, so take a second and take a picture.

     The most important thing for children to know is that there are certain people they can depend on—parents, law enforcement officers, and teachers.

     “The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is concerned about the safety of all children,” Sheriff Ashe concluded.

     To reach the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, call 586-4355 or 586-8901, Crime Stoppers Hotline is 631-1125 or visit

– Office of Sheriff Ashe