Tri-Council Agenda set for Friday

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Note: Following is the agenda for the Tri-Council Meeting between leaders of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Cherokee Nation, and the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians set for Friday, July 13 at 9am at the Chief Joyce Dugan Cultural Arts Center in Cherokee. 





Opening Remarks – Shawn Crowe

Presentation of Colors

Invocation – Alfred Welch

Cherokee National Anthem

Morning Song

Introductions & Recognition  – Shawn Crowe



  1. I.                   Call to Order – Chairman Jim Owle, EBCI
  2. II.                Roll Call – EBCI, CN, UKB
  3. III.             Orders of the Day
  4. IV.             Continuation of Agenda


Item No. 1 – Resolution to Adopt Tri-Council Rules & Procedures – submitted by Tribal Council of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians


Item No. 2 – Resolution Opposing Fabricated Cherokee “Tribes” and “Indians” – submitted by Council Representative Perry Shell, EBCI


Item No. 3 – Resolution of Support – Tribal Amendments in the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act, Senate Bill 1925 – submitted by Council Representative Terri Henry, EBCI


Item No. 4 – Resolution Authorizing the Incorporation of the Cherokee Syllabary in the Library of Congress Romanization Tables for Increased Accessibility of Archival Holdings of Cherokee History and Language Materials  – submitted by Cherokee Nation


Item No. 5 – Resolution to Establish Equality Amongst Three Federally-Recognized Cherokee Tribes – submitted by Principal Chief Wickliffe, UKB


Item No. 6 – Resolution to Approve Efforts in Retaining Language, Traditions, and Values of Cherokee People – submitted by Principal Chief Wickliffe, UKB


Item No. 7 – Resolution to Approve Consortium Method to Combat Certain Diseases Affecting Cherokee Tribal Membership – submitted by Principal Chief Wickliffe, UKB 


Request for Time – Mary Ann Thompson, EBCI – Intellectual Property Rights  (Item No. 8) 


Request for Time – Trail of Tears Association – Councilor Jack Baker, CN


Request for Time –  “Emissaries of Peace – 1762-2012” – Councilor Jack Baker, CN


V.        Reports & Closing Comments


VI.       Scheduling of next Tri-Council Meeting


VII.     Adjournment by Chairman Jim Owle, EBCI