16-year-old Cherokee girl missing, suspected runaway

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     A missing persons report was filed with the Cherokee Tribal Police Department on Thursday, May 17 10:24pm. According to the initial report into the Tribal Communication Center; the missing person’s mother, Kathy Maney, called into dispatch stating her daughter, Brooke Leighann Smith, had not returned home that evening. She told the dispatcher her daughter was supposed to return home by 9pm.   

     A Cherokee Officer filed a missing persons report based on his conversation with Maney.

     Smith is American Indian, Eastern Band Cherokee.  She was born March 27, 1996 and is 5’2” tall, 160lbs. with brown eyes.  She was last seen wearing a white tank top, grey sweat pants and Vanns Shoes.

     Since the initial report, Brooke Leighann Smith’s whereabouts is still unknown but she is considered a runaway at this point. The officer in charge of this case said he had a follow up contact with the girl’s mother who told him her daughter had phoned her telling her she was ok and not to be looking for her.

     The Cherokee Tribal Police is still attempting to locate the 16-year-old and has issued an all points bulletin for Smith. They are asking anyone with information to Brooke Smith’s whereabouts to call the Cherokee Communications Center at 828-497-4131.

– Cherokee Dispatch