Tribal Council Agenda – Feb. 2

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                8:30am – Reports and announcements

                9:00am – Request for time, Don Walker re: update on Tribal Bank

                9:10am – Request for time, David Wolfe on behalf of Walter Bradley, Jr.

                9:20am Protect by Nicey Welch Rattler on passed Res. No. 32 (12) – property assigned to Marion Teesateskie (Item No. 1)

                9:30am – Request by Paulette Smart regarding property and Ela Dam Project (Item No. 2)

                9:40am – Last will & testament of Reba Mandalean Reagan Rose (d) recognized (Item No. 3)

                9:50am – Last will & testament of Isaac Bigwitch (d) recognized (Item No. 4)

                10:00am – Request the Res. No. 980 (05) be amended to assign first-generation heir  rights to Everett Reagan (Item No. 5)

                10:10am – Mutual-help houses assigned (Item No. 6)

                10:20am – Request for grandparent rights regarding per capita when grandparents are raising grandchildren (Item No. 7)

                10:30am – Tabled Res. No. 76 – Noah Crowe desires amendment to referendum question concerning alcohol sales on Qualla Boundary (Item No. 8)

                10:40am – Sam Lambert and Ernie Panther appointed to USET Veterans Affairs Committee (Item No. 9)

***Banishment items as necessary

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