Tribal Council Results – Jan. 12

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                 Vetoed Ord. No. 26 – Amendment to Cherokee Code, Chapter 18B, Regulation of Alcoholic Beverages, Article, Sec. 18B-500 – Alcoholic Law Enforcement (ALE) – Veto Denied

                Tabled Res. No. 21 – Jacob Ivey requests that TERO Office be included in the design process of all buildings on Qualla Boundary where Tribal or federal dollars are spent – Withdrawn

                Tabled Res. No. 32 – Marion Teesateskie desires to be recognized as sole owner of Parcel No. 405 located in the Snowbird Community, consisting of 58 acres, more or less, belonging to Frank E. Teesateskie (d) – Passed

                No number given – Last will & testament of Reba Mandalean Reagan Rose (d) recognized – Hold  until February

                No number given – Request by Zane Edwin Bowman – protest letter and protest resolution on Res. No. 42 (11) – Denied

                No number given – Paulette Smart requests Council assistance with Ela Dam Project – Duke Energy – Hold until February

                Res. No. 75 – Mary Ensley desires that heirs of Dora Saunooke Johnson (d) file declaratory judgment in Cherokee Court to declare ownership interest in respective parties set forth in resolution – Tabled

                Res. No. 76 – Noah Crowe requests referendum vote per community regarding alcohol sales on Boundary property – Amended/Tabled

                Res. No. 77 – Appointment to TCGE Board of Advisors – Ray Rose – Amended/Tabled

                Res. No. 78 – Appointment to Tribal Alcohol Beverage Control Commission – Steve Coleman – Amended/Passed

                Res. No. 79 – Appointment to Cherokee Broadband Enterprise Board of Advisors – Deb Mintz – Amended/Passed

                Res. No. 80 – Reappointment of Ray Rose to Cherokee Broadband Enterprise Board of Advisors – Withdrawn

                Res. No. 81 – Reappointment of John Parker to Investment Committee – Passed

                Res. No. 82 – Appointment to Investment Committee – Jacob Reed – Amended/Passed

                Res. No. 83 – Resolution regarding community service workers and roadside clean-up – Tabled for Work Session

                Ord. No. 84 – Amendment to Ch. 16C – Gaming Revenue Allocation Plan – Tabled

                Ord. No. 85 – Amendment to Elections Ordinance – Tabled

                Res. No. 86 – Office of Environment & Natural Resources authorized to seek funding through EPA, 319 Non-Point Source Office, for protection and restoration of Tribal streams in the amount of $30,000 for fiscal years 2012 and 2013 – Passed

                Res. No. 87 – Council approves transfer of limited waiver of sovereign immunity granted by Res. No. 729 (09) in assignment of Lease No. TS52-1545-09-11 to Douglas J. Rudd and Asheville Motorcycles, LLC d/b/a Harley-Davidson of Asheville – Passed

                Res. No. 88 – Jon Blanton Legere – permanent banishment – Passed

                Res. No. 89 – Mark Wayne Ballard – permanent banishment – Passed

                Res. No. 90 – Donald Dee Gosnell – permanent banishment – Passed

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