CIH medical providers in new roles

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     Cherokee Indian Hospital welcomed in a New Year and also welcomed some of its medical providers to new roles.

Dr. Robert Ross

     The new Chief of Staff is Dr. Robert (Bobby) Ross.  The Chief of Staff is the elected Chairperson for the Medical Staff. The Chief of Staff chairs the meetings of the medical staff, oversees credentialing and privileging of medical providers, and is a member of the Medical Executive Committee. Along with other duties, the Chief of Staff also co-leads (together with the Chief of Dental Staff) the Medical/Dental Performance Improvement Committee.

Dr. Mary Anne Farrell

     The new Medical Director of Primary Care is Dr. Mary Anne Farrell.  The Medical Director of Primary Care is the direct supervisor for the medical staff in the CIHA Outpatient Clinics (Blue Team, Green Team, Specialty Clinics, and Pediatrics) and oversees provider scheduling in each of these areas. Along with other duties, the Medical Director of Primary Care is also responsible for maintaining the inpatient hospitalist schedule.

     Dr. Gail Hyde served as Chief of Staff for the past three years.  She moves back into a staff physician position on the Blue Team.