Cherokee Central Schools resolves complaint

by Jan 12, 2012Front Page, NEWS ka-no-he-da0 comments

     Cherokee Central Schools system would like to announce a resolution to a complaint received involving a community volunteer and staff. 

     Principal Chief Michell Hicks stated, “Tribal Council and I are now aware of the substantial relevant facts of this situation and we would like to commend the Cherokee School Board for their concern and compassion in resolving this matter.  We take these types of situations very seriously and have used due diligence in ascertaining the facts.  I am confident the resolution to this situation will prevent future occurrences.”   

     Cherokee School board Chairperson Lori Blankenship stated, “On behalf of the Cherokee School Board, I wish to express my regret that this situation has taken so long to resolve.  However, I feel confident that the findings of our investigation have resulted in a resolution that addresses the employee responsibilities and the schools obligations to volunteers and our students.”

     Cherokee Centrals schools will work toward a solution for both the family and the school system. The employees placed on suspension will be reinstated, training will be mandated, appropriate policy directed disciplinary actions will take place, and an apology will be issued to the family.  Cherokee Central Schools is operating as usual.

– EBCI Public Relations