Big Cove Council Report – Jan. 12

by Jan 10, 2012NEWS ka-no-he-da0 comments


     I must apologize that I am missing this month’s council due to a previous commitment.  I tried to schedule around the council dates, but due to weather and other issues, council and community club meetings were pushed back a week.  I am trying to participate as much as possible. 

     There have been some serious issues that have been brought to the Council’s attention.  Recently, Cherokee Central Schools has been embroiled in controversy over an incident that happened around November of this year.  At this time, I will hold any comments until we can hopefully come to an amicable resolution that will satisfy all parties. 

     I have been working closely with Cherokee Broadband to bring high-speed Internet to the Big Cove community and the rest of the Qualla Boundary.  We are hopefully in the final stages of getting Calhoun tower up and running, which will bring a much needed service to our community.

     Lastly, I have received a lot of questions and comments concerning the “Enrollment Audit”.  This being a major part of my campaign platform and because I serve on the Enrollment Committee, I have pushed the issue. In our last Enrollment Meeting a deadline of six months has been set, which allows our enrollment staff time to prepare their findings for council.  I appreciate their time and efforts and the rest of the Enrollment Committee has committed to meet as often as possible to meet our deadline.  Hopefully we should have a proposal ready by July. 

     If you have questions or comments, please contact me at 828-736-2947.