Arneachs will share stories, genealogy help at Sequoyah Museum

by Jan 6, 2012Happenings, NEWS ka-no-he-da0 comments

Dawn Arneach and her father Lloyd Arneach, Sr. will be at the Sequoyah Birthplace Museum in Vonore, Tenn. on Saturday, Jan. 21. (Photo by Eric Blevins)

Cherokee Storyteller Lloyd Arneach, Sr. and his daughter, Dawn Arneach, both EBCI tribal members from the Yellowhill Community, will be visiting the Sequoyah Museum in Vonore, Tenn. on Saturday, Jan. 21.  Mr. Arneach will be sharing stories and Dawn will be helping anyone needing help with researching their family trees and general genealogy questions.  Mr. Arneach will also have his CD and book for sale with him which he can sign at the time. They will be at the museum from 12-3pm.  Info:  Sequoyah Museum (423) 884-6246 or