Longtime Philanthropist receives Frell Owl Award

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                Lots of terms could be used to describe Roy Lambert such as educator, gardener, philanthropist, or simply the man with the best mustache in all of Cherokee.  But, now another term can be used to describe him – Frell Owl Award recipient. 

Wilbur Paul (right), Cherokee Boys Club Board president, presents the 2010 Frell Owl Award to Roy Lambert (left) during a luncheon on Wednesday, Dec. 15 as Ray Kinsland, former Cherokee Boys Club general manager, looks on. (SCOTT MCKIE B.P./One Feather photos)

                Lambert received the award during the 25th Annual Frell Owl Award Presentation luncheon held at the Holiday Inn – Cherokee on Wednesday, Dec. 15. 

                “He has probably raised more funding for the Cherokee Children’s Home and Cherokee Elementary School than anyone I know,” said Ray Kinsland, former Cherokee Boys Club general manager. 

                Kinsland said that Lambert, who was born and raised in Cherokee, is an avid gardener and has plowed many people’s gardens in exchange for them donating money to the Children’s Home.

                So passionate about his philanthropic work, Lambert donated all of the monies he earned in prize money at this year’s Cherokee Indian Fair to the Home.  And, that was a lot as he won 19 awards on 18 exhibits, and he does this every year. 

Paul (right) presents an Appreciation plaque to Noah Wolfe (left) who was recognized for his retirement on Wednesday.

              Also on the agenda for the luncheon was the official retirement of long-time bus driver Noah Wolfe. 

                “I really appreciate all of the work he has done and all the help he has given me,” said Tommy Lambert, Cherokee Boys Club general manager.

                Kinsland spoke briefly on Wolfe’s achievements during his career, which began in 1974, including winning the 2 Million Mile Award from the National Safety Council and winning the Western Region (NC) Bus Roadeo for nine years.  Wolfe also competed in the International School Bus Roadeo in New York City and finished in the top third of all drivers. 

                “It’s an honor that I get to honor Noah,” said Kinsland, “But, at the same time, it’s sad to see him reitiring.  The bottom line is he has made it safer for thousands of Cherokee children on the buses over the years.” 

                During the event, Tommy Lambert also recognized the 2010-12 Cherokee Boys Club Board of Directors including:  Wilbur Paul, president; Robert Lambert, vice-president; Tiffani Reed, secretary; Dwayne “Tuff” Jackson, asst. secretary; Albert Arch; Wanda Lawless; Jack Davis; Kiah West; and Big Cove Rep. Perry Shell. 

                Past recipients of the Frell Owl Award include:  Chief John A. Crowe, 1983; Stella Kanott, 1984; The Crowe Family, 1985; Ray Kinsland, 1986; Pearl and John Reagan, 1987; Betty Crisp, 1988; Jerri Reagan Kinsland, 1989; Mary Chiltoskey, 1990; Dora Reed, 1992; Marie Junaluska, 1995; Sharon and David Crowe, 1996; Ernestine Walkingstick, 1997; Jody Adams, 1998; Gary Maney, 1999; Mary Sneed, 2000; Mary Mantooth, 2001; David McCoy, 2002; Glenda Crowe, 2003; Denise Ballard, 2004; David McQueen, 2005; Skooter McCoy, 2006; Johnson “Booger” Arch, 2007; Kathy Wolfe, 2008; and Carmaleta Monteith, 2009.