Three charged in “Medications” Robbery

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                Three Cherokee residents have been charged in U.S. District Court with armed robbery as they allegedly stole medications and cash from a Yellowhill family after holding them at gunpoint.  Paul Kenneth Taylor, Adrian Shane George, and Emery Lee Littlejohn were indicted in a Criminal Complaint filed on Wednesday, Dec. 1. 

                The charges stem from an incident which occurred on Oct. 10 at 11:04pm on Hazel Saunooke Road.  The report alleges that Taylor and George knocked on the door of the residence and pushed their way in when the victims opened the door. 

                “While inside, the two subjects detained the occupants within the residence with the use of weapons, placing them on the floor and demanding their medication,” the report alleges.  “Subjects left the residence on foot after taking medication and currency from inside the residence.” 

                Taylor gave a statement where he “admitted to planning and carrying out a plan of robbery” and George gave a statement that he “admitted that he had prior knowledge of the crime of robbery and did assist in the carrying out of the robbery.” 

                The report alleges that an Airsoft pistol (replica of a real firearm) was used in the robbery. 

                In his statement, Taylor stated that a second robbery was planned on the same day “but fell through due to the lack of manpower.” 

                Littlejohn, according to the report, was the get-away man.  “Littlejohn admitted that Taylor, George and he discussed the plan to rob 9 Hazel Saunooke Rd. together prior to committing the offense.  Tyalor and George agreed to enter the home and commit the robbery and Littlejohn agreed to provide the transportation to and from.” 

                The three were arrested soon after the robbery on a traffic stop of a “suspicious vehicle”. The report alleges that evidence was found in the vehicle including an Airsoft pistol, two bandannas, a Black Maglite, and cloth/plastic gloves which were “all consistent with items used by the robbers.” 

                Note: It is important to note that the defendants have only been charged with the crimes listed and should be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.