SPEAKING OF FAITH: Control yourself, Part 2 of 2

by Apr 22, 2024OPINIONS0 comments

By Lamont H. Fuchs, Ed. D.,

excerpt from “Preacher Spurs” Christian Faith Publishers, 2022


Scripture References: Romans 8:38-39, Matthew 5:28, Matthew 13:3-9

There you are alone in your head, and you’re thinking something sinful, like; you must do this, you hate that, somebody wronged you and you want revenge, she’s hot and needs me, I must have this or that, I’m addicted and need that. The list goes on and on as Satan has been tempting us for thousands of years. He doesn’t have the power to put those thoughts in your head. He only assures you are exposed to those things so YOU can think about them. What grows from there is on you.

That’s where you must fight, right there in your head. Nothing has happened yet. Think. Pray to God right then. Ask Him to get these junky thoughts out of your head. Help me, Lord, I don’t want to think like that anymore.

Stop it! Be a quitter! Ask for help. Don’t let those thoughts make you do it. Wash them out with the power Jesus gave you over sin.

Nip them in the bud right in your head. Read some scripture. Think good thoughts. Good things. If no one ever knows what you thought cause you never let it get out of your head and didn’t act on it, the sin stays between you and Jesus. He already knows what you’re thinking anyway; just don’t let those thoughts control you and your actions.

I’m not saying it is easy. You can’t do it alone. I can’t do it by myself, either. But with God, we can! Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things in him that strengtheneth me. This application is an excellent way to use this verse. Remember it. Try it. The Spirit of God will remind you while you’re thinking about it, you get in the habit of praying about it, and God will be faithful to help you through it. Try. Get closer to God, and He will get closer to you.

He can only do that if He’s in you and possesses you. Is He in you? Have you allowed or asked the Spirit of God to possess you? Only you can know that. If you are not sure He’s there to help, let somebody show you how you can be confident and know that you know God’s Spirit is there for you. Have No Doubt. And you will have Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine.

I once had a friend who partnered with me at work. We spent years working together teaching teachers about technology. At first, she didn’t know much about technology, but I did. I knew some about teachers, but she knew more. Sometimes we didn’t agree on how to proceed on one subject or another. We were both very stubborn, but I learned something about her that cut our conversations short. I would look at her and ask, do you know what you know? Or, in the middle of the discussion, she’d cut us both short and say, “I know what I know.” When she said that, I learned she knew and was sure of her position without a doubt. She was never wrong when she said that. Somewhere in her mind, she KNEW the truth. Have you ever felt that strongly about something? I do. I learned from her that when you KNOW a fact, you know the truth. You can’t be wrong. You can stand up and get in the face of Satan. That’s also the strength of FAITH.

It has its assurance. Peace comes over you knowing that you know. You have no doubt. Do you know where you are going after you die? You’re going somewhere. The Bible says there are only two places you will spend eternity. Let me give you a clue as to what I’m writing. It’s Hell without Jesus! If you don’t know what you know, if you don’t know the truth, if you don’t have God’s peace and assurance, you better get right with Him today. Know that you know.

Make your invitation to meet Jesus at His altar.