New Ordinances deemed read and tabled (March 7)

by Mar 7, 2024Council Action0 comments

The following ordinances were deemed read and tabled during the Tribal Council session of March 7, 2024:

Ord. No. 125 (2024) – An ordinance amending CC Section 117-46 and CC Section 117-47 to require Tribal Entities to provide financial reports and budget information to the Tribe on a regular basis

Ord. No. 126 (2024) – An ordinance amending CC Section 117-31 and establishing a new Cherokee Code Section 117-38.1 to require review by the Planning Board of capital projects that require and expenditure of $50,000 or more and requiring fiscal notes from the Office of Budget and Finance

Ord. No. 127 (2024) – An amendment to CC Chapter 14 Section 14.95.35 – Confidential discharge and expunction of records for first offense of youthful offenders

Ord. No. 128 (2024); note: the legislation was not provided – An ordinance amending CC Chapter 16 A to update requirements for members of the TCGE Board of Advisors and establishing a new Chapter 16F to govern TCGE’s pursuit and operation of commercial gaming and sports wagering

Ord. No. 129 (2024) – An ordinance to dissolve the Cherokee Police Commission