Kananesgi Fashion Show and Art Competition announces winners

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Brian Aaron Lambert won the Best in Show award in the Adult Category. (Photo courtesy of Ravens Eye Media)


Submitted by Kananesgi Fashion Show and Art Competition


CHEROKEE, N.C. – Following yet another stunning display of Cherokee designs, the Kananesgi Fashion Show and Art Competition organizers announced the list of artists and makers earning top prizes. This year’s art competition awarded over $60,000 in prize money provided by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, in over three dozen artistic categories. All artist entrants responded to the theme of: Legendary Creatures of the Cherokee.

The Kananesgi Art Market and Fashion Show is a collaboration between the Sequoyah Fund and the Ray Kinsland Leadership Institute, serving as a platform for artists and designers to express their creativity, receive professional and business development training, increase workforce development, and empower EBCI citizens to learn about and express their unique identity as Cherokee people. The event was sponsored by the Cherokee Preservation Foundation, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Harrah’s Cherokee Casinos, Cherokee Central Schools, Harrah’s Scholarship Fund, and the Center for Native Health.

Kananesgi is the Cherokee word for spider. In Cherokee culture, the spider represents creativity and dexterity. Traditionally, some Cherokees will even run their infant’s hands through spider webs to embed this creativity in their children.

Adult winners are as follows:

Carvings: Luther Butch Goings (1st), Joshua Adams (2nd), Dewey Owle (3rd)

Carved Mask: Dewey Owle (1st), Michelle Darci Long (2nd)

Beadwork: Windall Toineeta (1st), Kimberly Ann Arch (2nd), Sharon McCoy (3rd)

Miniatures: Lauren Goings (1st), Moses Oocumma (2nd), Dewey Owle (3rd)

Functional Art: Richard Saunooke (1st), Moses Oocumma (2nd), Dewey Owle (3rd)

Open Category: Charlene McCoy (1st), Amber Hope Huskey (2nd), George Edward Goings Sr. (3rd)

Traditional Pottery: Lucy Dean Reed (1st), Joshua Levi West (2nd), Tara McCoy (3rd)

Contemporary Pottery: Tara McCoy (1st), Joshua Levi West (2nd), Dorine George (3rd)

River Cane Basket: Ramona Lossie (1st)

White Oak Basket: Lucille Lossiah (1st), Lydia Louise Goings (2nd), Mary Thompson (3rd)

Jewelry: Alica Wildcatt (1st), Tara McCoy (2nd), General Grant (3rd)

Bags: Richard Saunooke (1st), Amber Hope Huskey (2nd), Malaciah Taylor (3rd)

Clothing: Faith Long-Presley (1st), Richard Saunooke (2nd)

Drawings: Brian Aaron Lambert (1st), Estella Litzinger (2nd), Jakeli Swimmer (3rd)

Paintings: Joshua Adams (1st), Aaron Lambert (2nd), Jakeli Swimmer (3rd)

Photography: John Bear Allison (1st), Jacob Long (2nd), Madison Long (3rd)


Adult Special Category Awards are as follows:

Best in Show: Brian Aaron Lambert (1st), Ramona Lossie (2nd), Alica Wildcatt (3rd)

Celebrity’s Choice: General Grant – Adult Open

Adult Judges Choice: Ramona Lossie (1st), Tara McCoy (2nd) – Legend Pot, Joshua Adams (3rd) – Painting

Museum of the Cherokee People Award: Joshua Levi West – Adult Contemporary Pottery

EBCI Destination Marketing Creativity Award: Faith Long-Presley – Adult Clothing

Best Use of Theme: Tara McCoy – Legend Pot

People’s Choice: Windall Toineeta


Youth winners are as follow:

Carvings: Danica Hill (1st), Toby McCoy (2nd), Gabe Crowe (3rd)

Miniatures: Toby McCoy (1st), Danica Hill (2nd), Hope Long (3rd)

Open Category: Janna Girty (1st), Toby McCoy (2nd), Danica Hill (3rd)

Pottery: Dreyton Long (1st), Toby McCoy (2nd)

White Oak Basket: Danica Hill (1st), Laura Martinez (2nd)

Jewelry: Danica Hill (1st)

Wearables: Janna Girty (1st), Kai Bigwitch (2nd)

Drawings: Dacian Tafoya (1st), Gavin Lambert (2nd)

Paintings: Ayosta Lossie (1st), Janna Girty (2nd), Hope Long (3rd)


Youth Special Category Awards are as follows:

Best in Show: Dreyton Long (1st), Ayosta Lossie (2nd), Janna Girty (3rd) – Wearables

Celebrity’s Choice: Toby McCoy – Open

Museum of the Cherokee People: Danica Hill – Rabbit and fur

EBCI Destination Marketing Creativity Award: Toby McCoy – Pottery

Best Use of Theme: Dacian Tafoya

People’s Choice: Janna Girty

Youth Judges Choice: Ayosta Lossie (1st), Dreyton Long (2nd), Dacian Tafoya (3rd)

Emerging Artist Award: Gabe Crowe