SPEAKING OF FAITH: Sanctification: Total faith and dependence on God

by Sep 24, 2023OPINIONS0 comments


Pastor, Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church

Transcribed by Myra D. Colgate


Scripture Reference: 1 Peter 3:15, Hebrews 10:38 & 11:6, Romans 14: 18, 21, 23, Zephaniah3:17, Psalm 23

Are we shouting with each person over what God’s already done for them? One of these days, that person will want to shout with us as we’ve begun to “set ourselves apart” for the glory of the Lord. None of us would want to be called a “vessel of dishonor” or said to be pursuing and seeking only a worldly view.

Part of the issue, and the real problem for the Church, is what I do need to express. There seems to be a synthetic “joy” that many churches seem to have developed. People have learned to just smile and nod, even when they don’t believe what’s being said. We’ve learned how to shout when the preacher tells us to do so. Neither do we clap our hands until he says to, or someone must tell us to get up and stand to our feet.

When the Holy Ghost is in the house, people will be moved to start clapping their hands. No one else should have to lead anyone into a shout! His presence affects everyone who’s been prayerfully seeking Him, His power, help, and wisdom.

I’ve really gotten hold of something that’s so real and powerfully alive and glorious that I just can’t sit on it any longer. I don’t care what anyone thinks or says. I don’t care how long it takes one to get over it. I am not here to see anyone else or to please anyone else. I am here as “set apart for the glory of the Lord.” When He shows up and fills me up-whatever He brings me. Each of us can have this too.

I desire to be sanctified, all for His glory, the glory of the Lord.

When was the last time somebody here has been asked, “Why are they so happy?” They’ve been watching how alive and lively each one is and can’t quite figure out why that is. For example, this person doesn’t drive the nicest car, but I have noticed as well that they seem happy and content.

That is what sanctification can do for any person who has made up their mind to ask God to help them and commit themselves fully to receiving it all from Him. One won’t always drive the oldest car, live in a rundown house, or eat on the lowest end of the food chain either. Not when there’s a day coming when the Lord’s about to turn things around for the person who’s brave enough to ask and follow His perfect leading and depend fully on Him, not on themselves. There’s a God in heaven who takes note and begins to do things in one’s life that nobody else can.

Can this person say to themselves “I am happy”? If not, it’s because one has not yet been fully sanctified. They have not committed themselves to total dependence on God and following His leading in all areas of their life. It means to live a surrendered life dedicating their lives to living for Him. When one can get to a place where they’ve “set themselves apart”, they will.

As soon as I get up and call His name, He’s going to invade my home like an army. I say, “Come Lord Jesus. I am set apart and I am ready for whatever You have.” We are willing to go do this, but another may not. We are willing to walk like that, but others may not. Conversely, they are willing to laugh at “those” jokes, but we are not.

I’ve set myself apart in my heart and under the glory of His Mighty Hand. I can’t let anyone put the world’s nonsense in me, because I don’t belong to the world. I don’t care what nation one lives in, whether its Asia, Africa, or America. It doesn’t matter to me. I am born again! One needs to realize they are not only of this land. I’m not just an American. In fact, I declare I’m an American second. I am a citizen of another country called Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven of the Most High God. I need people to realize I’m not here to worship a flag, words, or an anthem. I’m here to worship the Lord.