LETTER: Neadeau bows out of Big Cove race

by Jul 26, 2023OPINIONS0 comments

Siyo Big Cove Community,

First and foremost, I would like to thank every tribal member that has taken time to speak to me, support me, and trust me as the Chief of Police, Tribal Council candidate, and as a proud EBCI tribal member.

I love my tribe and my people with every fiber of my being. When I decided to run for the Big Cove Tribal council representative seat, I did so with the intention of submitting legislation that would make a difference in our Indian community and would benefit everyone.

With much prayer and the thoughtful encouragement from many community members, I felt it is best for me to stay and serve as the Cherokee Indian Police Department’s Chief of Police. I hold this position in the highest respect and honor possible. Law enforcement is engrained in my daily life.

I have built a team of coworkers whom I trust, and I want to oversee their success, and the success of our tribal department, so future generations of law enforcement officers may serve with pride and dignity on our Indian land.

Please know, running for a council seat may still be in my future. Big Cove is an amazing traditional Cherokee Community, and it would truly be an honor to represent it as a Council Member, but now is not the time. I still have goals and a mission to complete, for both our tribal and surrounding communities.

That mission is to ensure that the law is enforced and justice is served for our Cherokee people, by instilling honest and trustworthy officers.



Carla Neadeau