SPEAKING OF FAITH: Pray, read and learn…

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(Transcribed by Myra D. Colgate)

Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Continued…Read Psalm 112; Reread Acts 16:16-34; 2 Corinthians 11:24-33.

Everyone has a purpose.  Pastor Tim, “How do I find my purpose?”

A purpose will be revealed more to any person as your relationship progresses with the Lord.  How do I do that?

“Read the Bible, pray.’  See, I’ve had people say to me, Pastor Tim, I’ve tried all that.  I pray when I get in trouble.  I pray before I go to bed.  That’s not exactly all I’m talking about.  That’s okay.  One ought to do those things, but I’m talking where one just spends time with God, where a person gets to know Him.  He is so worth getting to know.  It’s not just something we preacher say.  This is from experience.  We try to laugh about this because we hear these all the time.  People will look at Katie and Bryson, our God children.  In five years, after looking at what they may be like they may ask me, “How do you do it?”  If they come to our farm, they want to know, “How did you get all of this?”

“In this I’ve discovered, what I’ve found out is, half the world seems to want to be me.  I trust I’m just saying, it seems they want even the same type of marriage Cassie and I have, or especially her kids.  They seem to want whatever… Why does that happen?

I really do want to teach people, “The How.”  I want to tell them, we follow the principles set forth by our Family, the Family of God.  Come on.  Led by the Father, Big Brother, Jesus, makes a big difference.  When one gets to know Him, and that’s possible, they will each find out He really doesn’t want anything, not from anybody,  He’s  really looking to bless His people.

Really believe that and I’m telling people He can bless them.  This is why I’ve taught this and showed it to others a lot of times. It’s all straight out of this Book. Whatever one gives to Him, He will multiply those things or exchange them in order to give them right back.  He’s making sure its getting back to each person who gave, maybe in a little different way, but many times, it turns out to be something a person may even consider priceless, like a child coming home suddenly changed, or who’s settling down to do a lot better at home.

I will say this.  He Loves each one with an everlasting Love, like no other.  In fact, it literally tells me that even when a mother or a father might have forsaken a person,  He will be there for them.  When a brother has forsaken you or someone you care about,  He’ll be there.  If one can’t trust anyone else, they can trust Him.

That may sound like “preacher talk”, but its not.  It’s first-hand experience, because, I don’t know all about the life each one has had, but I know I’ve been in places where nobody could actually help me, but Jesus.  He was able to do so.

“By the way, tonight, my assignment, very simply, was to come here and remind everybody—each one of you has a purpose.  All of us are to be about our Father’s business, as each one does have a purpose, or an assignment.  None of you are an accident.  No one has been born out-of-time, no one is in the wrong place.  God picked each one with their own sphere of people needing help or influencing them to take that first step.

Specific with each assignment, there are a couple of guarantees.  Number One, whatever one needs to complete for their assignment, He has obligated Himself to supply or help them complete it.  Number Two, with every assignment that’s accomplished, completely done, there are also rewards!

The Lord called me out of the Fire Department, and I left there and went to college for four years—a Bible College.  I’m the kid that once said, “I’m never going to college, right?”

Do you know what God did?  God sent an angel one day, no joke, and paid my school bill.  I was ready to tell them I could put only a few big bills to throw down on it, but the registrar told me my bill had already been paid by someone I must have passed on the way in.  One said he was short, with gray hair.  Another said he was fat with dark hair.  What was he like? I wanted to at least pay him something for his help so I asked them for his check to see what his name was.  They told me he brought only cash and paid it in twenties and hundreds.   With all angel experiences I’ve shared, I haven’t ever seen one that I’m aware of, but they have certainly helped me along the way.  The Bible also tells us that.  There is a purpose.  You need to know that.  The Lord has kept you, watched over you for it.  Now stand with me all over this house…