Crowe found guilty of breaking into a home

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Macon County jurors found a man guilty last week of breaking into a home in December 2019 in the Nantahala community, District Attorney Ashley Welch said.

After being found guilty, Andrews resident Jon Crowe, 47, received an added sentence enhancer for habitual felon, requested by Assistant District Attorney John Hindsman Jr., who prosecuted the case.

Habitual-felon status enhances punishment decisions and can apply after a defendant is convicted of three felonies. Habitual felons face sentencing at a felony level four classes higher than the underlying felony convictions.

Crowe faced the possibility of 111 to 146 months in prison on each of two charges, felony breaking and entering and felony larceny, for total possible imprisonment between 222 months and 292 months.

Visiting Superior Court Judge Pete Knight, for the purposes of sentencing, opted to consolidate the two charges. Knight ordered Crowe to serve a total of 83 months to 112 months in state prison.


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