SPEAKING OF FAITH: What is your mission?

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(Transcribed by Myra D. Colgate)

Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


“Father, I pray that every door that needs to be closed, is closed, that we might know clearly the avenues of the past in which we must walk to fulfill the mission that You’ve given us this year.  And Father, in these, may we give You all the Honor and everybody says Amen, Amen, and Amen.”  (Continued from last week.)

“Big things have come in small packages, I have found.  I’ve found that some of the greatest gifts I ever got did not come in a big box.  I don’t know if you’ve ever been given a car for Christmas, but they don’t usually put the car into a box, so that little key, would eventually open that car’s door.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever had a ring given you.  Maybe somebody offered you, ‘I’ll ask for your hand in marriage, but how many of you know that that little box contained a big promise on the inside of it.  The Truth is, God does things, big things with little things.  In fact, the Bible tells me that, with God, little is much.  Meaning God can take the smallest of things and do the greatest of things with them.  I noticed God in the Bible take a widow’s little remnant of oil and a little remnant of flour, and she fed her family through an entire season until the rains came again.  I remember reading where God took the crumbs off a table and healed a woman’s daughter.  I remember when Jesus looked and watched the widow who gave two coins as her offering and He declared she had given the greatest gift of them all.

“I remember in the Book of John, a little boy who took his lunch of a few fishes and loaves, the equivalent of some sardines and biscuits and God fed a multitude with his meager lunch.

I also remembered the mustard seed of faith in Luke, chapter 17 where God said that a little faith can pick up a mountain and move it from here to there and throw it into the sea.  I remember in Matthew, chapter 17, how the disciples were struggling to pay their taxes and God sent them fishing, and out of fish’s mouth came a coin that would pay the entirety of their tax bill.

I also remember a little man named Zachaeus who had climbed up into a tree and because of that, became one of the tallest men in the Kingdom of his day.  I remember in Matthew, chapter 10, Jesus spoke of a small sparrow that had gotten the attention of God.  I remember that in Luke 12, God said not only does He know you, but He even knows the smallest parts of you as He has even numbered each hair on your head.

God does big things with little stuff.  Come on, the Lord sent me here today to tell you, you may be little in your own eyes.  It may seem like you don’t have much strength and there’s not a whole lot of you can do, but I’m here to tell you that with God, little is indeed much and that God can take little ole you and little ole me and do mighty things for the Kingdom of God.

It always amazes me that if one simply takes what God has given you and you have put it into the fertile ground, God can cause it to grow.  Taking the smallest of seeds, this little thing that really is no bigger than a grain of sand.  Knowing it’s not going to grow up overnight, it won’t become mighty, right away, but if you’re watering and praying, spending time, even your life will begin to grow.

You ask, What does that have to do with me?  It has everything to do with you, because God is saying, “I’ve put on the inside of you a seed, not just any kind of seed, but the seed of God Himself and if you’ll allow Him, He will grow you into something mighty that others can come and find and see higher things in you than you can see take place and develop.

We need you to understand that if you won’t get up and do something for the Kingdom of God, who else is going to?  No one should simply be just trying to get to Heaven.  Let me shock you this morning.  If God had just wanted you in Heaven, He would have taken you there the day you were saved, but He didn’t.  How many of you have been healed from a crippling disease or from things that should have taken you out?