SPEAKING OF FAITH: When sensing his presence, it’s his power felt

by Aug 14, 2021OPINIONS



(Transcribed by Myra Colgate)

Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Read 2 Peter 1:3; 1 John 4:4-11

How many of you have felt, at times, what you thought was an overwhelming sense of His Presence?  I came to an understanding in my personal time with the Lord, this week, when His Presence became so strong, I said, “I want to thank You for Your Presence here today.”

He answered me, “Son, I’m always with you.  What you’re feeling is My Power.”

“Something isn’t quite working with me, I had to respond, and continued, because I wanted to really understand.  What He revealed is what we may have always considered before as being His Presence, when this is really His Power!  He revealed this to me, so I could make a language correction, and add to my revelation knowledge of Him. “Right now, you are feeling My Power,” He had said and clarified for me.

“This has changed my thinking and it has shaken me,” said Pastor Melton.  “It is not a singing time when we feel His Power.  We must lift up our hands and worship Him. I‘m having to correct my language.  It changes our whole perspective.  All Christians are in that Power.  Quickening, ‘making us alive’ with His Power, we also have His Holy Spirit residing within us.  Through the knowledge we gain from Holy Spirit, we walk in Spirit with Him, relying on Him in the Spirit Realm where devils flee, and He is in you every minute.”

In singing Praise and Worship this morning, He came with Power!  We haven’t known it sometimes.  He is always with us (individually).  When we sang His Name this morning and declared His Power, it transformed our worship in a moment.

The Church hungers, “I need to know Him.”  This Glory and Virtue, there are places, the Deep Places in God, where He’s crying out for us to join Him.  The Deep calls to deep.  We join with Him in His “exceeding Great Promises.” (For even His disciples, those who did not choose so were left out, but were never left behind.)

“Healing and Deliverance are in My Nature,” said God.

“To keep and protect, brings us His Glory and Virtue, and through these, His Divine Nature, His Power shows up,” explained Pastor Melton.

Pastor Melton continued, “Give all diligence to 1 John 4:4-8 and push through to fruitfulness.

This is revelation knowledge.  I got excited as I realized that is when we should begin declaring ‘His Power is in the House’, or the Promises of God for my life, “my body’s healed,” “I believe for this” or “I claim the promises of God.” He didn’t just show up.  He showed up in Power!  Hallelujah!  When His Power is in the House, declare the Promises of God over your life.  Sin begins to break off.  Pray for lost loved ones.  Begin speaking to devils trying to take your life apart.  It takes time in the Presence and Power and hearing the Voice of the Holy Spirit.

Can I go one step deeper?  The Holy Spirit is not God, Jr.  He is God.  The Holy Spirit is always with you, in you, begin to feel His Power.  You become powerful because He’s in you. The Church must rise up and declare change into the atmosphere.

According to Divine Power calling in life and godliness, there is enough Power for all to walk in godliness.  Jesus was and is fully God and fully man.  It is by the Power of the Holy Spirit living in Him, is how He did the miracles that were seen.   We, having Him inside of us, with the Righteousness He gave us, so we could all also be empowered.

He created them in the same Spirit that now quickens our mortal bodies with the Power of God.  1 John 4:4, “by the same Spirit” we are walking in the Spirit through the Knowledge of Him and can live “powerful” like God in the Earth.  “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.”  How to walk in the Spirit through the knowledge, so deeper, so grander, the body that has no limits, where every devil knows you, How do we get there now?

I want to be so hungry; I need to know Him!  There are places in Him never seen.  Deep inside you.  A place in Him of Who He is the exceeding great promises so we can be partakers of the Divine Nature through Faith.  It is in His Nature to give life, to bless you, to keep you, to protect you through the Divine Knowledge of Who He is with Glory and Virtue and to make our calling and election sure.  Spend time with Him.