SPEAKING OF FAITH: God has our hand

by Jun 25, 2021OPINIONS



(Transcribed by Myra Colgate)

Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Read Psalm 37:23-33.  Ephesians 2:10. Jeremiah 33:3-11

We must connect to what Jesus is doing and we will do well.  Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water.  God had his hand even though he began to be distracted by the storm and began to sink.  Jesus, with His right hand, held him.  Wherever Jesus is, there is safety.  Answers are in the Church.  You can also be an answer.

Jesus is the only name full of power.  Think about it, the only name people curse with is Jesus Christ or God.  However, Jesus refuses to be offended by that sin done by sinners.  They can still learn to respond right, repent, and move on forward.  Lots of people live anyway they want.  They believe one way, but they do not walk in it.  Why don’t they grow up so they won’t be such a part of the problem?

Many people have read the orders—the marching orders—without understanding where it is they need to go.  Some things for sale can be good to look at, but nobody wants anything that doesn’t work right, or that fails to be the best.  If we are in alignment, it is written that the steps of a ‘good’ man are ordered of the Lord and is a powerful word.  Though the man fails or falls, God upholds and picks one up and sets us back on the right track.  We need to walk the way, the purpose, for we are His workmanship.  There is always room for improvement.  We should try to be good, being better all the way to best.  He has already set up the opportunities to keep going.  He’s waiting there for you.

There is always a yesterday, there’s today, and there should be a tomorrow.  Proverbs 3:5 teaches us to ‘Trust in the Lord’.  God has somewhere better for Cherokee.  God is trying to get me where I’m supposed to go—like He did when Paul was let down in a basket, or Moses was hidden as a baby in a covered basket and sent down the Nile River, rescued by the daughter of Pharoah.

Psalm 37:25 lets us know there will be highs and lows, pitfalls, and struggles.  God has never forsaken me but has always provided.  He’s in control, even in our trouble He will never forsake.  He is merciful all day long.  His mercy always covers us as He lends us from our tomorrows to give to us what is needed today. He knows the future.

God is still God, whether we have suffered loss or have millions—hugs or curses.  Joy comes by the Lord, not the government, for we are never forsaken by Him.  We may not be saints. We can be sinners or a saints. He says, you are still you.  Caleb was in his 80’s.  He went and asked the Lord to give him the strength to take the mountain that he had chosen in the Promised land.

We are to get into the Word of God as it will help put our feet exactly where we need to go to, guiding and directing us we each walk our own path.  We should look at trouble as actually being something that brings us to look for a better answer.

Look at Daniel, given the name Belteshazzar, he will forever be known famously as Daniel in the lions’ den.  What he went through, fully protected by God made him famous.  His three friends were thrown into a fiery furnace, so hot it actually killed the guards who threw them in. Children know these real, historical stories.  If handled right, a person can be praised for trusting God enough and He shows up!  I want to be blessed like them!  So, when trouble comes to us, be ready for God to show up for you, too.  Why stay like a baby?  Most people seem to think, “I’m not good enough, through lack of self-esteem they feel they are not worthy.  God can heal that, too.

There is a pathway everyone should be on.  We have found our path and have stayed on it.  It’s not religiosity, it’s a relationship where you actually are conversing with God.  He illuminates the pitfalls that way, so we won’t be destroyed or feel powerless. We can end up giving God all the glory. Amen.