SPEAKING OF FAITH: Principles to choose to live by

by Jun 18, 2021OPINIONS



(Transcribed by Myra Colgate)

Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Read Proverbs 4:20-27

As the Church gets older it slows down.  We all get out of life what we put into it.  Society now seems to want to take from others and give everything to us, but does that really ever happen?

I submit to you, that Jesus can do for you, even what I can’t.  Pay attention to these principles, for they will make you healthy, wealthy and wise.   Put these into the middle of your heart.  For out of the heart flow all the issues of life.

Orville and Wilbur Wright, brothers, were able to turn their fascination with the soaring seagulls on the beaches of North Carolina, by taking and using the shape of the birds’ wings for their model, they were able to develop and use their design that they believed would fly them—as the true beginning of man being able to go flying.  As a man thinks in his heart, so is he!

Place all these principles in your heart, in the middle of your heart, and trust the Lord.  There is the Supernatural in you.  The way to do this is to trust God to be God.  Believe God through it all, talk with Him and let Him help you to trust in the dream or idea He has given you for your life, placed there within you, possibly even for years.  He has told us, if we will trust Him, He has already told us He will give us the desire of our hearts.

We are to ‘keep our hearts with all diligence.’  We already know that what we hear and see can affect us in our hearts.  When we talk like others do, we can end up talking just like them.  What goes in there, can begin to come out of our mouths.  Diligence means we are to never let our guard down.

We should not even take today’s news except in small doses.  It can affect how we feel as we go off to school or work.  We really should try to change the atmosphere of what’s going on around us if it’s not remaining positive.   The issues of life are important, for they can cause us to speak negatively if that’s all we’re hearing.  Be careful what you hear, what you say, so they can be more positive and even use creative words.  Remember, Heaven takes notes of what you say!  What has God said to you?  He has told us the angels write down all of our words.  We also have read that the power of life and death are in our tongues.  Our health and life can depend on it.

We are also to be careful with what we see and pay attention to with our eyes.  Even with self-help books we really need God to help us or we can miss directions of what God has been saying to us or showing us.  Be careful what we are thinking or pondering.  We are told to ‘ponder the path of our feet’.  He has told us how to think, even judging, as we are not to always accept what others are doing if it is sinning.  Sinning can cost us far too much if we just go along with what someone else is doing.  Everything in the world belongs to God.  We are to fear being out of alignment with what we know is in God’s Word.

Our Healer, Jesus, can help us in getting all our ways established, so we can get out of any poverty.  We are told to get a job, for if we don’t work, we might not be eating.  Getting a better education should get us better jobs.  However, what really works is to get into God’s Word as He establishes us.  As we diligently seek His help, He helps us find better, more meaningful and profitable jobs.  We are also to keep removing our feet from evil paths.  Don’t ever choose that type of path.  Follow the signs that tell us to slow down, in no speeding zones.  Don’t ever let the enemy’s lies in.

Think about what you are doing.  Keep your eyes and your feet on the narrow path.  Go straight ahead when you can clearly see or have a good goal.  The Church can teach each of us, how to think, how to see things, how to hear, and how to heal.  Judge everything by the filter of the Word of God.  Let it become your Truth, too.  Amen.