SPEAKING OF FAITH: The perfecting of our faith

by Jun 12, 2021OPINIONS




(Transcribed by Myra Colgate)

Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Read 1 Thessalonians 3:7-13.

“My job is to perfect our faith, added Pastor Melton.  “Keep on praying.  His answers are ‘Yes’ and, we speak the ‘Amen.’”  (Let it be so, Lord, let it be done.)  He probably wants this even more than we want it!  (We allow more time for aspirin to work than we do for God.  That’s why there are thirty-year-olds, who know nothing and yet won’t even ask the questions to find out something.)

Don’t we know yet God has said, ‘Ask and I will answer.’  Grow!  His Anointing breaks the yokes (that may be holding us back).  The growth in you, and by His Grace and Knowledge causes our youth and inexperience, to be able to break any yoke.  King David even wrote, “Our bones are made fat (stronger) by our ‘growing pains.’  (I should probably be about 6’4”, but I kept praying away those consequences of having pain in my legs while growing up.)

We all need to ‘Let God be God.’  When revelation knowledge becomes greater than the world around us, it breaks down the self-containment where one thinks they already have all the answers.  People can now, rightly here, ask, ‘Show me Who You really are?’  Aren’t you tired of being sick and tired?

Our Savior stepped out into His ‘flesh suit’, and with His disciples, they moved into the next realm, and turned the known world upside down and now right side up.  He is still able and willing!  He wants to do miracles, but we should know,  ‘It’s not ever about me.’

Hallelujah! Move into the next realm!  Teach us, O God, to speak to this earth.  Pray Heaven down with Power in our voices because of You.  We give You praise!  You are no longer an abstract God.  You dug out the canyons, and flung the stars into Glory. With Peace and Joy everlasting, Glory! Lord, let them know that I am Yours, You are mine.  There’s nobody like You, Lord!  You are limitless!  Nothing is impossible!

We are not ‘just sinners saved by Grace.’  We are saints of the Most High God, saved by Grace.  I am mighty through God, according to the Power at work in me.  Get it today, by tonight much can be changed.  What if it does?  His Promises are ‘Yes’ and ‘Amen.’  (Without hesitation, without reservation established!)

“Be still and know that I am God,”  He has said.  Edify each one of us by His Glory, His Son shines on me.  By His Word, rejoice as His Light comes, until your desire invades our circumstances.  Out of our circumstances, from His Grace and Faith, comes Perfect Faith, where faith maybe was lacking.  It is possible.  Perfect Faith is His Gift of His Faith to us.  Raising of the dead, it’s time, He’s the One—and so perfect in what’s possible.  Our only warning lights are displayed only from our doubts, anxieties, depression, or frustrations.

In climbing that mountain, learn the lesson of the mountain, it will allow you to break out of any containment.  He is more interested in who you are becoming, not what you are doing.  It takes faith to perfect it, it’s easy but our faith can struggle.  When the Teacher teaches us, He gives the test for the revelation we need most.  We don’t want the struggle, but we have to have a problem to overcome in order to grow.

God’s at the place where ‘My Grace is sufficient for you’. (2 Peter 3:10, 15-18.)  Paul dealt with it and asked, ‘Teach us what would run off every devil.’  Anointing oil ‘ingredients?’.  God has Grace-filled ones that most don’t know exist.  Privileges (hidden) God has, He doles out in the Grace He offers when He says,  ‘The world belongs to Me,’ so command our world.’  The devil will play by my rules.  Create your own world.  This is My House.  So live in your House. My job paid the rent, you are free to order your life.  Dominion over the earth?  Order it, pull on the Anointing!  Your world is what you make of it.  See God, and all the gifts.  See the Glory.

Whose report will you believe?  Faith has made available what Grace has made possible.  God’s done all He’s going to do.  He’s waiting for us to agree what’s been delivered already.  Through time spent with Him come the miracles, revivals, parts of  conversation!   We need Jesus!  Spending time with God!  The Kingdom grows in you, Cherokee!