SPEAKING OF FAITH: Real truths never change

by May 28, 2021OPINIONS



Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Read Psalm 139:13-16; Psalm 37:4;  James 1:22-25

One purpose for the studying of the Bible is to understand ‘who you are?’ and even more important, ‘Who God Is and what He expects of you?’  Although it’s a simple matter to understand the words as they are written, there are many reasons why more scriptures are needed to be compared and considered.  Each person must choose their own path and follow it.

All people are given many choices to make each day of their lives.  Before anyone can get a whole picture of what makes God’s Word the Truth, for those searching for the better pathway, they should look into God’s Word as their needs arise and address them first. It definitely is necessary to get to know the One Who has created each person and what His plan might be for their life.  He has told us He has given us even the desires we already have in our hearts. (Psalm 37:4)

What is in your heart that you hope is in your plan?  He also has expressed He wrote a book concerning each of our lives before a single day of it had come to pass.  Ask Him to allow you to see what is written there.  Expect to see what was written or  ask if He might show you personally.

For the Bible to really make a difference in our lives, we have a great need to receive the actual message we find there as a personal one, that it’s meant just for us.  We also need to reflect on what we have read to see if it will mean we have to make a change in direction to make it possible.  When we look at or see the things going on in our own lives, we may choose to begin to lay out a plan to change on our own.  Are you willing to spend a bit of time daily in discovering the true, right path for that life journey?  It does take time, but it should prove well worth the effort to arrive at a good decision or destination—one that can bring a real assurance of a happier, more productive and successful life.

Reflecting on the things we notice in God’s Word, in His sixty-six Love letters to us, the applying of it comes when we start asking, ‘now that I know what God wants or expects me to become, “How do I get there?”  What is the best way to find the right path for me?  What else would make me feel fulfilled and happy as well?

A lot of us seem to be creatures of habit, so initiating any change is probably more difficult for everyone after this year of the pandemic.  The decision to apply what is brought to our attention is where the ‘actual rubber’ can meet the road to help us get up and roll toward better plans. Life may seem like it’s constantly changing, but the Truths in God’s Word never change.  That is something a person can rely on as God never changes His mind.  God already knows each of our futures, and that’s ahead of time.  No one can really afford to ignore that huge fact.  He wants to help us make a good plan, the best plan for each of us.  Let Him help in this process.  Improvement comes in every circumstance in which a good dose of His wisdom has been followed.

Pastors and teachers you may have known, could be a wonderful resource to help set you on the right path to the actual scriptures needed for you to read and study.  Spending time with the Lord, seeking His guidance, is worthwhile in deciding what will work for you in your situation.  Whatever your age, desires for answers, His help  saves time and effort.  Only a true seeker will spend the necessary extra time to find the best path for what’s needed.

It also helps to understand we must be aware of how important it is to know what’s in each Scripture reference.  Look at each verse in detail, definitions of words that are unfamiliar.  Look up who wrote these verses.  Who was being written to?  Are these people like the ones in my world?  Do I see any similar characteristics within myself?   What would I have done in a similar situation?  What is the message for us?  What is God’s solution?  Obedient even in attitude?  People?  Place?  Principle?  Plot?  Priority?  Point?  Is it used today? God’s Plan?