SPEAKING OF FAITH: Obtaining the Glory of God is key now

by May 10, 2021OPINIONS



(Transcribed by Myra Colgate)

Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Read 2 Thessalonians 2:13-17; Psalm 3:3; Luke 2:14; Colossians 1:27; Isaiah 60:1; John 11:40; Ephesians 4:11-12; Philippians 4:19-20, on the Glory.

“We are the Lord’s most blessed of all creation.  Made in the very image of our Triune God, we are also a spirit, attached to a soul, living in a body, called an Earth suit, a triune human being.  He blows His own ‘Breath of Life’ into every person being born into this world,” assures Pastor Melton.

Under the Old Testament Covenant, the Holy Spirit could hover over someone, but would not ‘indwell’ them.  (Their human spirit had not yet been ‘born again’ from above.)  Jesus had to be born into this Earth, live and finish His work, before and after the ‘cross’ experience, and His Resurrection in order for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit could occur for any of mankind.

Now, we can, as human beings,  ‘Jews and Gentiles’ together, can all obtain salvation and even the Glory of God, because we live and function under the New Testament Covenant, made in Jesus’ own Blood for everyone’s benefit.  This New Covenant gives us many more benefits than we would ever have had under the Old Testament’ Covenant.  We, as believers, already have the Holy Spirit indwelling us if we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior.  We need to become aware and understand how much greater this really has changed things for all of us.

The Jewish people, who also knew and received Jesus as their Lord and Savior, beginning with Jesus’ original disciples, and all others, Jews and Gentiles, who’ve received Jesus as their Lord and Savior since that time, now have the indwelling Holy Spirit within each one now ‘born again’ from above.  (All people are either Jewish or Gentile—so now, no one is excluded from accepting God’s provision of His New Blood-bought Covenant for mankind.  Only their own refusal to accept Jesus and all He did for all of us, as their own Lord and Savior, can exclude anyone—no matter what!)

Our primary obligation now should be to obtain the Glory of the Lord!  The Holy Spirit gives His Glory to us!

The world has become very narcissistic and that attitude has even infiltrated the Church, “as long as get ours, we give.”  Instead we should be telling everyone, ‘How BIG our GOD is!’   His Glory comes to life again!  Let it out!  His Glory rights wrongs!  He is the Glory released to the earth!  Know the riches of His Glory!  He walks on gold!  Armies are defeated!  Dead things live again!  Arise and shine!

To answer this call, one must be as deliberate and thoughtful as they can be.  The Lord always honors what He says.  It would not ever be good to answer with a flippant response.   Remember He is God and no one knows all He can do…Perhaps a good request might be to ask Him for an opportunity to release the glory He’s given to you to release to others?…One that would bring God the glory!  The Glory healed (resurrected) Jesus.  Holler out the Name of Jesus!  Whatever one does, do it unto His Glory!

We should never be selfish.  It is not to earn money.  It is an opportunity for us to be made a shining light to the rest of us, as His Glory rights wrongs!  Forms a shield for us!  He is the Glory!

Many years ago the example was given as to this concept, as ‘water’ is to ‘wet’.  Water’s wet.  If one wanted to cover the Earth with ‘wet’, it would take an awful lot of water.  The world is so dry, and is thirsty–like sand.  We need to be more like the red clay for the earth, clay that absorbs much water—and even can color the water so that it can be a part of the environment and even changes colors.  God can do anything, as long as He uses a man, or anyone of humankind.  Heaven’s Glory is His Presence, not the place.  Release the water!  Work out (outwardly) your salvation (through releasing the water) of His Word to all others.  Be full of His Glory!

We have been called to the obtaining of His Glory, just like Martha was by Jesus!  Just believe!  We are the Glory of God!  Let it out!  A song, a word, speak it!  It was on the face of Moses and of God!   Use me, Lord!  Cover the earth with His Glory!  He comes out of me!