SPEAKING OF FAITH: What God really wants… is to enjoy our presence

by Apr 30, 2021OPINIONS



(Transcribed by Myra Colgate)

Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Read 1 Kings 8:10 from last week’s request again.

“We thought we knew what God wants, but no, it should be all about what He wants.” emphasized Pastor Melton.

Solomon had been chosen by David to be his successor, and chosen by God to be the one to build the permanent Temple in Jerusalem.  Another of David’s sons, Adonijah, had decided he would be named King, and presumptuously began to make plans for himself.  David who had aged and was near the end of his life, had to be brought into the plan to stop Adonijah without creating an upheaval before Solomon’s coronation as Israel’s new king and for Solomon’s Temple completion and it’s dedication.

When the day finally arrived for the Temple’s dedication, the priests and King Solomon were there before all of Israel at the Temple.  As the priests came out from the Holy Place, they began the ceremony and the Lord’s Glory Cloud filled the Holy Place.

Now, the term theology is the study of God. What He likes and what He wants.  He even likes to see us dance before Him.  God has told us, “It’s not up to you who I use.  It is up to Me.”

“One time I was included in a group that was to attend a Christian Concert held at Western Carolina University.   I must say that God loved them enough to come.  They’d created an atmosphere that He would enjoy.  They were dressed in tin suits and one had a mohawk, which was about four-foot tall and had nose rings.  I quickly found out it’s not about the you whom He loves—not when you need something.  Come into the presence of the Lord in reverential awe, Holy Fear.  I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It was awesome, God never told me how smart He is.  He never brags.  God’s already there, holds all the stars in place.  He’s omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient.  He created this whole universe.  So, Rejoice anyway! The chapel held 5,000 people.

A Tennessee State Trooper was there to corroborate a testimony that all heard that night.  On a highway, the speed limit 55 mph, an 18-wheeler truck had just pulled out in front of the car being driven by the girl speaking to them that night.  There was no time for her to stop…She just had time to say, “Jesus!”  and her car passed right on through the midsection of that truck, in front of the Trooper’s car, stopping on the other side… She was there to share her miracle!   Call on Him.  It’s not all about you!

Anytime there are miracles, there must be an atmosphere of miracles to bring in healings, deliverances!  Spend time with Him!   Spend time with Him and stay in the atmosphere.  Devils can’t touch you!  Don’t come only when you want something.   Just come in!  He’s an Awesome God!

Carol Ward: “The Lord’s saying, Linda and Virgil have a brand-new, a Helper Anointing.  Ernie and Jordan are handmaiden of the Lord.

God has started it and it has happened.  The church is to rise up and carry His Presence.  It’s up to us if it keeps on happening.  The Heavens are opened above us.  Teach your children to respect the atmosphere.  Have an altar in your home to Reverence God, let them fall on their knees.  Prayers and meetings.  Only mankind has the capacity to know how Majestic God is.  He chose us!