SPEAKING OF FAITH: One’s purpose known, practiced skillfully and courageously

by Apr 18, 2021OPINIONS



(Transcribed by Myra Colgate)

Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Read Ecclesiastes 9:10; 2 Timothy 3:12-17, and then verses 10-11.

God knew you before you were born.   No one is here by chance.   You are not here by accident.  God’s Word tells each of us “our steps are ordered by the Lord and “we are to arrive at our expected end.”  As we’ve been learning, we are to be “doers of the Word and not hearers only.”  Many have knowledge, but seem to do nothing with it.  They also may have only a partial knowledge, but that’s the time when what one does know, can kill someone.

  Growing up together, my younger brother, Scottie and I, of course, knew, our parents had rules.   Rule #1:  “we don’t play with fire.”   My younger brother, and I, were home alone on that particular day. He’d decided to cook hamburgers on the grill.  He soon discovered matches were needed.  Running back into the house, he brought them out quickly.  Only thing was, he’d left the grill with the gas turned on.

That created the scariest day we woud ever experience growing up.  The first thing I saw, was this huge fireball covering Scottie.  I grabbed him and turned him around.  He suddenly had no eyebrows left and about three quarters of his hair across the top of his head was gone!  He looked at me and cried, “Don’t tell Mom!”  I told him, “I won’t!”  I already knew we were in trouble and I wouldn’t have to tell them anything.   So, what you do know, can also get you killed!

We each are to “study to show ourselves approved unto God.”  We need more Word and we are to help make it more understandable to others.  Believing the Word makes all things easier for us.  We have a Holy God, and with our faith in Him, we can worry a whole lot less.  If a person doesn’t believe the Word, they won’t do what the Word says.  We are to rest, trusting in God.  When we find that life gets tough, God is really trying to get better things to us.  My purpose is to tell others there is a God and He makes a difference.  Do things always towards the goal to praise Him and His Glory.  Pray for a blessing for others and others watching, are reminded by your good example.  Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might, for the joy of the Lord is found in your purpose.  We are perfectly furnished for all good works.  Others even may walk in our good works.  Trust in the Lord.


Several years ago, I found myself in a good doctor’s office.  He had just told me I would have to go on kidney dialysis from now on or I would die.  (“The kidneys were not functioning at all with 100% kidney failure.” he had added.)  I told him I was not going to do that, even after his telling me I wouldn’t have long to live if I left there.  I told Him, either way, I was still going home that day.  I said to him,  “My God heals.  And challenged him with,  “You will see me again.”  He was a good Jewish doctor.  Still having my faith in God, it was three months later.  I walked back into his office, was tested again, and after testing was done, it was proven that I had been totally healed.  So astounded was he, I was able to minister to him.  Am happy to say  that good Jewish doctor listened as I told him about Jesus, made his decision and got saved!

The manner in which one lives their life really matters.   It ought to tell the world who you are.  Live holy and they will know who you are.  As “spiritual fruit” is developing in one’s life,  “fruit” like long suffering,  brings patience into our lives.  If we lead a learned life, we, by reading, with speed and good memory, we can gain a lot of learning.

The church’s position should be one where we, as a part of each other, help each other and others with whatever kind of need presents itself.  This is why we must know our purpose.  We are representatives of God’s Kingdom in the Earth and can easily help bring change into others’ lives.   Know your purpose and love others anyway.  Start showing joy in serving our purposeful Lord, it’s our purpose.  Poor tippers should actually increase their giving to waitresses,, etc. to be more of a blessing.