COMMENTARY: Rep. Clampitt responds to One Feather commentary 

by Feb 25, 2021OPINIONS


Rep. Mike Clampitt (Official photo from N.C. General Assembly)

A recent opinion post in the Cherokee One Feather by Angela Lewis entitled “COMMENTARY: That would never happen here” has prompted this state representative to again reaffirm my support of the members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI). On Feb. 19, a The Cherokee One Feather, ran the story line “Mike Clampitt affirms his support of EBCI”. 

In the article, I am quoted, “I’ve made it a point, after my election, to address Principal Chief Sneed personally, as well as members of Tribal Council. I gave them my phone number.” 

With that being said, my campaign centered around my being phone available to all the constituents of Swain, Jackson, and Haywood Counties. I do not think that anyone should have to call a Raleigh phone number to get to speak with their state representative, and that’s why I consider it so important that individuals have my personal cell number. And that is why my cell number was published on a sticker on the front page of The Smoky Mountain News for approximately seven weeks. 

Speaking of the phone number at the office in Raleigh, it is not staffed by a college student nor a political appointee. The legislative assistant is hired from a pool of full-time staff members available from the legislature. Every phone call is logged by her, with date, time, and issue. If it’s an issue she can handle, she does. If it is someone who wishes to speak to me, I return the call personally. 

When we return the call or resolve the issue, that is logged as well. The turnaround time for returning calls or emails is 48 hours. Saying that as a state representative I “seem to be more concerned about the corporations who fund their campaigns for re-election”, is inaccurate in North Carolina. 

We are prohibited by state election law from accepting any business check donations. And, too, to keep up with the local news, I subscribe to the local on line papers to review weekly. Something important to note here, I have been named co-chair of the House Committee on Federal Regulations and American Indian Affairs for the North Carolina House of Representatives, and I have a solid commitment to EBCI. And, for anyone that doesn’t have it, my cell number is 736-6222, email:

Respectfully submitted,

Representative Mike Clampitt

N.C. House 119

Swain, Jackson, Haywood