COMMENTARY: Is leaving really leaving when the crazies won’t let you leave?

by Feb 8, 2021OPINIONS


Observations and random thoughts. 



It seems that the Catawba are nearly ready to start breaking ground on their gaming facility near Charlotte as the N.C. Governor recently signed off on a state gaming compact. We oppose the existence of this facility with excellent reasoning and I’d like to see DOI Secretary Haaland step in on this one when she’s confirmed. The Catawba like to claim that area as their ancestral land, but in my opinion there’s a reason why they’re actually based in South Carolina. I believe that way back when we must’ve made them an offer they couldn’t refuse, so they split. Now, they’re back. They’re like an itchy rash on the butt, just won’t go away. It must be some sorta revenge. So now, when I have extreme gastric distress, I’m going to call it Catawba’s Revenge. Example: excuse me, I really gotta go, Catawba’s Revenge. Hey, that works!

At home, on the Rez, I see that the Cherokee Cinemas is re-opening. My first thought was, “Great! The vaccine hasn’t been that widely distributed so why not pile into a cramped theater with a standard ventilation system and all moviegoers can then share recycled COVID air and popcorn toots.”  But, as I read further, I saw that all of the necessary precautions have been taken and I then thought, “Why not just kinda hold off until we are actually near normal instead of pushing the COVID envelope?” That’s just me though.  I’ve had the virus, three weeks of being bed-ridden with supplemental oxygen and months later I’m still feeling the effects of it in my 64-year-old lungs and joints.   So, I’m not taking any chances of getting it again but y’all do what you want. Just an FYI, there are virus mutations and asymptomatic people wandering around, a buncha COVID Mary’s that can carry the virus without showing symptoms or illness because, they’re asymptomatic! I want, as much as everyone else does, to feel normal again.   

There, I’ve said my piece, again, y’all do what you want. 

The Super Bowl is over. My Packers weren’t in the game, so I actually didn’t care who won. I don’t like KC because of the negative stereotypical imagery they embrace and their fans who copy the Atlanta Baseball Team’s howl and weird spastic jerky arm motion. I didn’t have any feelings for Tampa Bay except, I’m so sick of Tom Brady. I definitely don’t want him winning any more Super Bowls, seven is more than enough. Besides, in the last two years I’ve seen more than enough people wandering around with brand new, shiny KC and TB jerseys. The Super Bowl memes were way funny though.  

Just a few short words here. Carolina beat Duke. All is right with the world again. ‘Nuff said. Didn’t miss the Cameron Crazies at all, kinda weird but, a nice weird.    

The most important question of the day: If KC brought Eli Manning out of retirement, do you think their chances of winning another Super Bowl increase? This is one of those think about it for a little while jokes.

Another question, this time a COVID-19 question: Do you think that Tom Brady winning the Super Bowl is the back-to-normal we were hoping for? If it is, I’m already hating the return to normal. You folks have a good day and be safe. 

As Arnold would say, “I’ll be back…” See ya!

Ledford is a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians currently residing in Albuquerque, N.M.