SPEAKING OF FAITH: “Ready or Not, Here I Come,”  Jesus said.

by Feb 5, 2021OPINIONS





Read John 15:15-19

Jesus has told us that the Authority for the healing of others, has already been given to each believer.  He has chosen those who are following Him, to be the ones letting others know.  We are to tell them He has chosen each believer, because He has first loved us.  He has ordained and appointed those who follow Him, to show His love and care for all people.  It is the time to take Him at His Word.  They can and should begin by first becoming a ‘priest’ in their own homes.   

We must also remember to think of every preacher or pastor as a gift from Jesus.  Pastors are to live, loving every person, and those who have chosen to become a part of His Church, by becoming a part of that congregation.  They are to live life loving each member of the flock as they are to be held responsible for each one of them, each one now having the Mind of Christ.

A pastor, as shepherd of the flock, is responsible, not just in their hearing of each message they have been given.  They are now responsible in helping the congregation in the ‘doing’ of the Word, as found in each Love Letter. The Letter, or letters, they have been hearing, should give them answers to most of their questions concerning their actual ‘doing’ and being obedient to the given Word.  (For He tells us so, throughout the collection of His Letters, found in The Holy Bible.)

Each hearer of the Word, should also begin to grow up into a full maturity as a follower of Christ Jesus.  Along with their deepening understanding comes the knowledge that there are definite rewards.  The producing of ‘fruit’ brings rewards, and a duplication of that ‘fruit’, also reproduced, can accrue to their own account, through others also helped. By their obedience of instructions given to them in both the Word and by their Pastor, the work and their rewards, received according to their obedience, will definitely be multiplying.

God has told us from the beginning “to be fruitful and multiply.”  Whatever one has planted, or asked for with a good attitude is to remain in each person’s proper account.  What are we doing for the Lord?  What is needful for these jobs to be completed?  We should always be looking for and finding ways to be His obedient children.  God rewards even the ‘wants’ of His children and not just their ‘needs’.  Each person is called and is expected to participate heartily as unto the Lord.  They should want to be able to say as good pastors, just as He did,“I preached because I loved them.”  It is in His will, and promises many benefits.

It is not in His will, when governments in today’s world have clearly tried to remove God from even being considered as part of their ruling determinations.  When also coupled with their premeditated failure slated for their own middle classes, their actions truly can be called diabolical.  

Exempting God from any consideration is only one of this self-centered type of government’s primary goals.  All previous attempts to implement Socialism have failed with these same undeniable results. 

Governments need law and order, to function well, but for many, it also brings a condemnation of their own selfish ways of doing things.  Ignoring the Laws of The Creator can only hurt the people foolish enough to violate them. Laws like the Law of Gravity, of Lift, and of Motion can always be counted on by people to be true.  

Babies in mothers’ wombs, are made, 100 percent, with innocent blood.  It is written, God has said He hates the shedding of innocent blood.  Consider what He must think of countries which use abortion for population control?

Read John 16:1-33

It has already been programmed that He’s coming back, so be ready.   Already it’s been said that the times are coming when first we shall weep, but our tears shall soon turn to joy.  The Earth travails to give birth and God’s Glory is soon to come in.  

Right now social workers are the world’s way of helping people, while God is implementing His way of using the Church by their willingness to help others, and is needed because the world’s systems are failing.  Refocus on Jesus, find peace, storms are coming.