SPEAKING OF FAITH: God is our everything

by Jun 19, 2020OPINIONS





Omnipotent, Means He is the All-Powerful God,

Omniscient, Means He is the All-Knowing God of Absolute Intelligence,

Omni-Present, Means He is the God Who is Everywhere.

To God Alone Belongs All Glory.

Read all of Psalm 115; Jeremiah 32:47; Isaiah 55:11; Romans 9:18; Acts 2:23;

Psalm 147:5; 1 John 3:20;  John 21:17; 1 Samuel 10:2; 1 Kings 13 (all);

Psalm 46:1-7; Psalm 139: 5, 7-11,13-14; Genesis 26:3

“The attributes of God, Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omni-presence, means He is in total control of the Universe and of Himself,” explained and emphasized, Pastor Melton,  “All our times are in God’s Hands.  As He is Spirit, He is everywhere.  He knows all things, absolutely everything, including the actual number of hairs on your head at any given moment.  He is the Highest Power and is everywhere.  We should reverence Him for He is absolutely limitless. He can do anything, and He holds our very next breath.  He will accomplish everything His Word says He can do.  He says it and it’s done!  We cannot even imagine how much better things are when done by Him.  

“God has no enemies. God defeated His enemy Lucifer (renamed ‘satan’ immediately) and the treasonous angels who had followed him, were all instantly cast out of heaven.”

(“Those same treasonous enemies need to be cast out of from here, too.  The decision to remove them must await all destination choices being made by people still living on earth.  The choice to follow Jesus to heaven or follow the treasonous ones to hell are the only offers being allowed to residents on earth.  To not make a choice, automatically defaults one to follow the treasonous ones to hell.  Making a decision soon is highly recommended.)

(However, Jesus willingly, and at great cost and unimaginable pain, accomplished all things necessary to ultimately defeat satan for good.  By enduring the required punishment of death for our sins, for us, He has become our once-for-all substitutionary sacrifice, and for each and every human being when they have made the requested exchange with Him.  We are to exchange our lives and plans in order to live in Him, ‘made us to sit together in heavenly places, in Christ Jesus’ (Ephesians 2:60) and Him in us.  He also took and bore all the whipping humiliation, shame and the tremendous destruction done to His Body in exchange for our physical bodies’ healing, and for our emotional, mental, and soul’s woundings, as well. ‘…And with His stripes we are healed.  Isaiah 53b.’ Having fully accomplished everything before He was nailed to that cross, He brokenly cried out to the Father when Father God had to turn His back on Him, for He was unable to look upon Jesus, so undeservedly covered in our sins.  Having forgiven the thief on the other cross, and crying out ‘It is finished,’ Jesus, at the prophesied time, dismissed His Spirit and died. The Body was then permitted by Pilate to be taken and placed in a borrowed tomb nearby to prepare His Body for burial as was the custom.)

(News of Jesus’ death arrived, probably that night, so hell could receive His body.  We should understand that Jesus, in His dying and suffering, had paid humanity’s final Blood price for every total redemption of each one choosing to escape from satan’s dark and gruesome kingdom.  In that brief time, Jesus was given a new body, made by God, in resurrection power, and Jesus would demand that satan turn over to Him the keys he was holding.  Afterwards, in Paradise, located in the upper section of hell, Jesus preached to the captives held there so they could be set free.  Our own exchange has happened as we’ve surrendered our lives to Him as dear children, and we get to choose to follow Jesus all the way home to be with Him forever.  Reading over and thinking about what is written in those 66 ‘love’ letters found in the Bible, should help everyone make the best decision for them.—Myra Colgate)

  “Just think…Jesus said, ‘I am with you always, even to the ends of the earth.  He’s right here, right now!  He is everywhere.  He is so much greater in every way than we are, “ added Pastor Melton.  

“The works of the LORD are great, sought out of all them

 that have pleasure therein.”

 Psalm 111:2