COMMENTARY: Confusion is not helpful…

by Jun 12, 2020OPINIONS




When I started this episode of the Mr. Bill Show report the major news was the ongoing pandemic and the confusion emanating from the White House. Since then there’s been a new level of confusion with the nation-wide protest over the homicide by police officer in the case of George Floyd. 

There seems to be some confusion when it comes to this pandemic. It reminds me of the old horror films brought to us by Universal Pictures and Hammer Films featuring Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula and the Wolfman. I would’ve included The Creature from the Black Lagoon but after watching it again the other day I realized that the Creature is not-at-all scary but instead is very creepily lusting after a human female throughout the film. Just another frat boy. But, I digress. The coronavirus is the monster rampaging through the countryside and we are the peasants herding together and waving torches about. Maybe there’s strength in numbers. Lotta confusion. Lotta hysteria too. But, don’t herd in numbers, social distancing, gotta social distance folks. Masks. No torches either.

George Floyd died at the hands, or knees, of a seemingly nonchalant Minneapolis police officer. The disturbing video was shown on TV and the country exploded. President Trump and members of his staff  retreated to a bunker in the WH.

There are changes sweeping the country as we speak. Colin Kaepernick and his peaceful protests have been justified. Now the NFL needs to get off of his neck and let him play again.

Dan Snyder bases his stubbornness and refusal on a poll with support from people who self-identify as Native. NASCAR finally woke up and banned the symbol of a failed treasonous revolt, when will the NFL finally wake up and force Snyder to get rid of the racist slur used as the name of his Washington team. Yes it is. And I don’t care what the crackers and apples say.

Confusion. I get mighty confused when Tha Prez makes statements like, “Obama left a broken test for coronavirus”. There was no coronavirus during the Obama Administration so there is no way there would be a test, let alone a broken one. Or, “Obama left a bare, empty National Emergency stockpile”, maybe so, maybe not, Trump has had three and a half years to replenish so he owns it now. 

The Prez continued with his string of bizarre statements that make sense only to himself and his supporters by issuing a very profound declaration. He stated that if we didn’t test we’d have fewer cases. Well no duh boss, the reports would indicate definitely indicate fewer cases but the cases would still be there. Testing is vital to containing this thing and re-opening the country while keeping fatalities down. Another funny statement was, “Anyone can get a test if they want one.” It’s been months since this thing broke and I can finally get a test even though I don’t actually show symptoms. It’s all good as I kinda really don’t want a masked someone to swab my brain with a big ol’ Q-Tip anyways. 

The 8 billion dollars allocated to tribes more than two months ago is finally starting to show up. And apparently we have until December to allocate it. Not surprising it’s a little late but better than never because the Trump Administration didn’t want to give anything at all to Native tribes. Thank you Representative Haaland and Senator Udall, both from NM, for spearheading the push. Now we just need Mnuchin and his cohorts to release the funds. We need that money more than ever because with our casinos down we have no type of income for our programs. We aren’t now and will never be on a level playing field with non-Natives. That is a fact. 

President Obama said it best when responding to tweets from President Trump. Vote!

Ledford is a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians currently residing in Albuquerque, N.M.