COMMENTARY: My thanks to the true heroes…

by Apr 30, 2020OPINIONS




True heroes walk among us.  And, up until now we’ve been too involved in our own concerns (for some of us this involves hoarding toilet paper so…stop that) that they’ve mainly gone unnoticed. Until now. I speak of the actual people on the front lines of this world-wide pandemic, this war against an invisible enemy, the health professionals, doctors, nurses, the first responders, the police and fire departments, I speak of the people making sure that you have food and supplies stocked and available at the grocery stores, I speak of the truck drivers making the long hauls across the country to deliver the goods to the stores, I speak of the people staffing the kitchens, the drive-thrus and curbsides at our favorites restaurants and fast food joints. I know I’m missing some folks here and I do apologize to you because you and all the people I listed above are the ones that are actually keeping the country running not the politicians who seem to be lining the pockets of corporations who thrive while smaller businesses go under. I salute you. And if I still partook I’d have one for you. 

In this time of social distancing and shelter-in-place restrictions people like you and me are watching a lot of TV. I’ve actually noticed and stated watching a most curious live reality show. The patriarch of this show portrays a high elected official and makes off-the-wall statements while his staff cringe, look away in dismay or pander in a most grotesque manner. One of the staff says some rather funny stuff during interviews and creates new proclamations such as “alternative facts” and states that there were 18 other Covids before this one and no one talks about those.  Oddest show I’ve ever watched.

Congratulations to Kayleigh McEnany. She’s the fourth and latest in a string of White House Press Secretaries. Or, as I prefer to call them WH Excuse Secretaries. That seems to be the full description of the job.

A statement was made during one of the daily COVID-19 briefings that are really just the daily dose of the reality show I referred to and we are all players in. This statement, musing, sarcasm, whatever, actually compelled Lysol to issue a statement that disinfectants are not to be injected or ingested. So, don’t. Also don’t try to stick UV lights anywhere in your body. 

Nonsensical promos for the anti-malaria drug treatment from both the Prez and the talking heads at the alternate reality TV network have finally ceased. It could be because the test study that was cited as the example was discontinued after test subjects showed certain side effects that included a little thing called death.

It’s no surprise that there are special interest groups at work behind and in front of this battle with this pandemic that really have no place. I’m talking about the gun and liquor store owners. Those particular people want to be able to operate business as usual right now, safety be damned, and in my opinion, this is absolutely the wrong time. It’s a well-known fact that people in close proximity for extended periods of time will begin, or continue, to abuse those they profess to care for. Adding weapons and alcohol to the mix is a recipe for disaster.

Reality show. Mitch McConnell offered the excuse that the Prez was distracted during the early days of the pandemic. The funniest thing about this excuse is, the person that was supposedly distracted, the Prez, insists that he was not. I agree. He had time for a lot of golf (every other weekend during those important first three months) and a whole bunch of campaign rallies. No, he wasn’t distracted by being impeached. He just dropped the ball. Passed the buck. Called an audible. Had more important things to do. Needed some me time.

Okay. I’ve vented. I’m done. And I’m bugged by all of the knuckleheads putting people at risk with their stupid organized “protests”. Give me a break. I’m so glad willful ignorance is not contagious. I’ve always said that some people can actually lower the IQ of an entire room simply by walking into the room. For that reason alone I avoid those rooms.

Before I go I’ve realized something important and I’ve have come to a conclusion. That conclusion? I don’t’ miss live sports on TV anymore. I don’t miss basketball, baseball, football, hockey, golf or even cricket. What else is left? I don’t watch cornholing on the Ocho or NASCAR on any channel ever, and I don’t partake of the “classic” games that ESPN is throwing at me unless it’s UNC or Green Bay. I had absolutely no interest in the televised NFL draft. I think I’m finally cured and that leads me to a sports related joke. You know that Florida is the final destination for old white folks and if you’re in touch with NFL news you’ll know that Tampa Bay, Fla. is the spot where two old white folks are now headed. One even stumbled into the wrong home after arriving. Stay tuned.   

Ledford is a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians currently residing in Albuquerque, N.M.