COMMENTARY: No partisanship in crisis

by Apr 9, 2020OPINIONS




I have never learned so much about cleanliness as I have over the past several weeks. I also didn’t think it was humanly possible to be able to stay indoors as much as I have and still maintain a full-time job. For that I am extremely grateful. It’s somewhat paradoxical to say that my generation has never seen something like this in our time and categorize it as a once in a lifetime event, all in the same sentence. But, the seriousness of what’s happening negates any sort of perspective since we are all doing any and everything we can to survive.

The worst thing that could possibly happen, outside of a national COVID-19 infection, is to politicize this crisis. But leave it to the, well you know who, to do just that. When the Senate and the White House were trying to assemble some sort of response team, who was it that stood on their soapbox and demanded it be diverse? Who was it that was handing out “impeachment pens” when the CDC was making its initial travel advisements concerning China? You guessed it, the “party of tolerance”. Just what the leader of the free world needs in a time of crisis is to diversify the response team as much as humanly possible. 

“There is a potential global pandemic occurring and I need three Muslims, four gay people, two women of color, and five Natives to be my response team.” 

And, that makes sense where? What was that group in the House doing when the world first heard about COVID-19? They were neck deep in their sham impeachment that literally wasted millions of taxpayer dollars and had nothing to show for it. What did they think was going to happen? Get rid of Trump so Mike Pence can become President? I have seen some crazy things come from that side of the aisle in the past, but they are taking this brainwashing thing to a whole new level.

I’ll continue to beat this dead horse just a little more. Like I said before, I am lucky to still have a job. But, for those who have lost their jobs at least they can seek comfort in the fact that when push came to shove, Pelosi and her posse decided to hold up government assistance in hopes of mandating airlines offset their carbon emissions. When out of work Americans are trying to figure out how to feed their families, Pelosi first wanted states to have mandated same day voter registration. You literally cannot make this stuff up. Thank God, some rationale from some of the other long-standing Democrats stepped in before Pelosi steered the whole thing off the cliff. But, maybe the rest of America is wrong. Maybe what’s more important right now than American citizens and small businesses getting the help they need is that we, first, ensure that unions have more collective bargaining influence in the public sector.

It may be hard to see for some but there is real loss occurring right now. Things need to happen and they need to happen quickly. Financial help is on the way, but we can’t afford to see things like we used to. We don’t have the luxury of separating everyone into groups of special interests in a time of crisis. Everyone with a soapbox in America is saying, “We are all in this together”. Words that have never been truer in my lifetime.

Holloway, a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians from the Snowbird Community, currently resides in Chattanooga, Tenn.