Thank you from the Pheasant family

by Apr 3, 2020COMMUNITY sgadugi


Phillip would like to express his deep appreciation to everyone that sent prayers, money, flowers, food, text or called, and to all Val’s biker friends and family that participated in escorting her to her final resting place. The entire family was thankful for everyone’s support during this difficult time. Please Continue to pray for Phillip and the kids.

A special thanks to Maybelle, Alfred, Lane, David and Micah “Elod” for your assistance with the services. You all made for a very beautiful, traditional service.

A huge thank you to Anthony Sequoyah for assisting in getting Val back to Mission hospital, and to Libby and B Ensley for all your help with everything. Thank you Chief Sneed for your help. If we left anyone out we appreciate you. We didn’t leave anyone’s name out intentionally.

Sgi from Phillip and the rest of the Pheasant family.