SPEAKING OF FAITH: Why Jesus had to come as a baby for our redemption

by Dec 19, 2019OPINIONS





Read Luke 1:1-2:52 for His Early Life 

At this time of year, as followers of Christ, we need to remember the real reason for this season.  With all the honking of impatient drivers, crowded stores, ever-busy cellphones; it becomes easy to forget what Christmas actually should mean to those who observe this beautiful holiday.   

It is more of a time to quietly reflect on the events which took place so long ago; and what they should still mean to each and everyone’s life.  Bringing cheer to family and friends, and helping those who may be in more unfortunate circumstances are always a top priority.  It is a time of celebration of the birth of Jesus, and to honor Him by trying to be more like Him.  Thoughts full of love, peace, and joyful family gatherings, and considering our words and deeds accordingly, is for all those around us.  It can be a time of miraculous goodwill, setting a higher tone for fresh new beginnings in all hearts and minds using the love He presents to us.


 Read John 6:22-68 and 1 Corinthians 11:23-32

The Bread is for our healings now, and the Blood is for cleansing us from all sin.  This brings us His Eternal Life if we are in Christ.  

The early Church remembered and honored Jesus regularly and remained in Communion with Him—house to house—but only in God’s worthy way.  As believers and families we can also take Communion with Him together today.  He is the Bread of Life.  We know and take Him as the Bread—His Body was bruised and broken for us and for all who live in this world who can choose to believe.  He was broken so that we may be healed.  

He was wholly given to us for the healings of our bodies, souls, and spirits, so we can be made whole again.  Wholeness was meant to be our destiny since He paid that price for us with the sacrifice of His whole body.  Whatever has been broken or messed-up in our lives can be fixed right as Jesus told us, “This is my body which is given for you.  Do this in remembrance of Me.”  Discern, consider this thoughtfully, so hearts will not remain hardened as caused by all the bumps and bruises we experience in this world daily.  

Then take the cup, representative of ‘His Blood’ which He shed for us, so that each believer may receive His eternal life.  “The life is in the Blood”—His Blood was shed for each one who believes.  He paid our full Blood Price.  With His own Blood He washes all our sins away.  He removes our sins from us “as far as East is from the West and then drops them into the ‘sea of forgetfulness’.  As Corrie Ten Boom was heard to say, He has placed a sign there which reads, ‘No fishing!’  Never hold that ‘fishy’ unforgiveness in your heart as God cannot forgive you of your sin if you hold any sin of unforgiveness for others in your heart.  The same measurement we use on them, He must also equally use against us.  Forgive them by praying and asking God to help you so you can do so supernaturally and cleanly.  God always hears us when we pray.  That old hymn, ‘What can wash away my sin?  Nothing but the Blood of Jesus…’ is the Truth.

Jesus had to come to Earth as the miraculous baby, having been born of a virgin, in order to fulfill all of the many prophetic messages, concerning mankind’s Messiah (Savior) in the Word of God.  He was to come forth having been formed in His mother’s womb, by God’s Plan to ensure that Jesus would not be contaminated with a sin nature.  He would enter Earth’s atmosphere as the planted Seed, being fully human—and fully God.  Recognized as the miracle it was, scientists discovered why, only at the end of the last century.  

God’s ingenious, original design for the young woman’s body would actually bring forth the umbilical cord that fed Jesus, causing Him to grow and develop His male body within hers.  With Jesus’ own blood type ‘G’ flowing in His veins, Jesus’ blood could not be mixed with Mary’s, either.  He was nourished to experience a life just like ours.  He could live—but His Body would have to be able to die.   He had to be the perfect, but almost impossible Plan of Redemption for us!