LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sidewalk issues still exist

by Nov 9, 2018OPINIONS


The sidewalk issue still exists unfortunately.  No sidewalks!  The people are walking more because it is a health issue in this day and time, mainly because of the dreaded disease diabetes! So, look up and around yourself… do you care that you’re losing your friends and relatives to this monster disease?  I do and am trying to call this great destruction to everyone’s attention.

I’m asking every time I get the chance to talk to someone that I think might be instrumental to join and try and get sidewalks where they can, to do it before it’s too late! Please!  I know it will be awhile before I can enjoy walking again because of the stroke I had two years ago.  But, I am looking forward to that with all my heart.  Also, like I said, I’m tired of losing friends and loved ones.  I got to speak at the last get together we had for our cousin, Robert Youngdeer, and I mentioned that it would be good to name the sidewalk in his honor.  He smiled.  That’s the last time I got to see my sweet cousin smile.  Sad, we are going to miss this great person and his wife Alyne.  Thank you both for all the good things you did.  You two set a good example of how people should live.  Thank you for being with me on trying to get our sidewalks.  Like my husband said, “It’s not like were trying to set sidewalks on the Navajo Reservation”.

Thank you editor.

Annette Fish

Birdtown Community


P.S.  The memory blocks are a good thing to have too.  There are great people all over the reservation that we can have written on the sidewalk – loved ones that we have lost and want to remember always.  Our first cousins as brothers and sisters where we grew up so close…I know in Oklahoma they call their first cousin their brother or sister. My husband thought that way.  So, don’t forget the sidewalk.  The one in Birdtown is a real safety factor and lot of people are in agreement.  So, let it be known, don’t just let a few plead for safety for a sidewalk…thanks again, Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas to you.