COMMENTARY: Don’t drink the Kool-Aid….issue

by Nov 9, 2018OPINIONS


Observations and random thoughts Vo. 2018 1.9




Finally, the elections are over, the regular commercials are back on TV including those ads for meds that have so many side effects that you’ll need more meds for the side effects. At last, there is peace in the land. At least until Trump proclaims that he had everything, or nothing, to do with the results. So far he’s been uncharacteristically quiet. I look forward to late 2018, not in the same way as I looked forward to late 2016 but at least the doom and gloom is fading away. Wish Trump would fade away.

I read the commentary titled “A different perspective for Indian voters” (November 1, 2018 edition of the One Feather) extoling the accomplishments and achievements of Trump and the GOP over the last 2 years. Much of the author’s words appear simply to be verbatim regurgitation from the Ingraham, Hannity and Carlson shows and that paragon of honesty and virtue, Rush Limbaugh. Reading his letter made me realize that the Fox News Kool-Aid is just as bad for you as the Jonestown Kool-Aid. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

The commentary presented some bold statements and because of one in particular I would like to request that someone on the One Feather staff take some of their valuable time and find where President Trump has “done more for Native citizens than just about any other President in recent history.” I ask because when I research the subject, all that I find are things like, “termination for tribes rearing its ugly head again, the theft of sacred land for oil exploration, the failure to re-authorize the Violence Against Women act, the Keystone and Dakota pipelines, etc”. Maybe if you’re a member of the Nation, or the Chickasaws or any other of the Okie 5, life under Trump is good but not in the rest of Indian Country. No, I’m sorry but, Trump really does hate Native people.

The Tax Cuts, something all Republicans seem to be happy with, benefit mainly the richest and the poorest of Americans. They cut the taxes of people with loopholes and good attorneys and those who get refunds every year, you know, the poor people who live on minimum wage and don’t pay taxes. People like me who’ve worked hard for decades to get to an income level to feel sorta, kinda comfortable, still pay the brunt of the taxes in this country. We got absolutely no relief from these tax cuts (Fact). Why do you think Trump recently announced new tax cuts to benefit us, the middle class? I still find it humorous that dirt poor Republicans are happy that their tax cuts expire in 2 more years while the tax cuts for the wealthy are permanent. Voodoo economics is a funny concept. Never works but the GOP keep throwing it at us. Again I say, stay away from the Kool-Aid.

NM and Kansas made history by electing the first Native women to the House of Representatives. Congratulations to Deb Haaland (Laguna Pueblo), Yvette Herrell (Cherokee Nation) and Sharice Davids (Ho-Chuck Nation). Odd fact. Only Haaland and Davids campaigned with their Native heritage held high, the other was quiet about her heritage since she ran in a highly conservative section of NM that I call Extended Texas and was outed by the ABQ Journal. Probably didn’t want to be called Pocahontas by the rednecks that live down there.

Now, on to something completely different. I am appalled that our leaders feel the need to proclaim to the world how much we’re getting on Per Cap Day. There are a lot of hucksters, slicksters and gangsters out there who need no extra invitation to prey on our people. I could be wrong, it has happened but, I think that we may be the only tribe that announces our proceeds like this. Yeah, I know the amount is a big deal but it’s our big deal. Here’s a thought, if you feel there’s a need to inform or proclaim to the People about this private subject, set up a hotline or something, the passcode could be the individual’s enrollment number or something else more private. Our money is our business, let’s keep it that way.

OK, I’m done. It’s time to go stand in front of my mailbox and wait for my big ol’ check to come in. No, I forgot, I get direct deposit, I’ll go stand in front of my bank and wait. That sounds perfectly normal and not at all alarming to the people inside. See ya next time. Maybe.

Ledford is an EBCI tribal member currently residing in Albuquerque, NM.