COMMENTARY: A different perspective for Indian voters

by Oct 29, 2018OPINIONS


The upcoming midterm election will be a culmination of a politically charged and polarized America that has no clear light at the end of the tunnel in terms of national unity or overall compromise.  But make no mistake, you are being lied to.  Certain tribal leaders, tribal members, and local politicians are attempting to reinvent the wheel by telling you, EBCI, that your local, state, and federal government is discriminatory towards you if you don’t vote a certain way.  It is a tactic that has been used for decades throughout parts of America. It is a tactic that puts falsities and half-truths out in front so as to dissuade and mislead minority voters into thinking their government is racist towards them.  This tactic is used because there is nothing of substance that they, the left, can offer.

You see, the left doesn’t want you to think for yourself.  They want to do the thinking for you.  That’s why you are constantly told be left leaning media outlets, such as CNN and MSNBC that your government is failing you, even when it isn’t. In certain parts of the North, where Democrat government has been the norm for as long as one can remember, it was a tactic used to keep union members voting one certain way every time. Now they are doing it to you – Indian, black, Hispanic, and female voter.

The Democrat party has been hijacked and overrun by extreme leftists who still haven’t gotten over the fact that their ideals lost, and Trump won the election and want nothing more than for America to burn because of it. Instead of coming up with a platform aimed at providing a better America for its citizens, they resort to the lowest of schemes – by calling everyone racist who doesn’t agree with them.  This tactic, while lazy and pathetic as it is, is all too common in today’s politics and is designed to confuse and persuade anyone who will listen.

A political and historical fact is that our current President, President Trump, has done more for American citizens including Native Americans than just about any President in recent history.  Unemployment numbers are down to historic lows, including lows for several demographics like the black, Hispanic, and female populations.  GDP growth average is higher under Trump than Obama, which during Obama’s tenure America saw one of the worst recoveries since the Great Depression.  The tax cut plan under Trump has been or will be responsible for all sorts of necessities that the American worker can be proud of and benefit from ranging from more and better manufacturing jobs to an overall income tax process that will put more money back into the pockets of workers.  And let’s not even talk about the amount of investments to be made as a result of the tax cut plan and the jobs that it will create and have already created.

I’m not advocating votes for Trump or straight-line Republicans, but I do highly suggest knowing the real facts about politics and those who seek to influence it.  Take for instance two politicians – Mark Meadows and Chuck Fleischman, who are both Republicans and serve in the House of Representatives. Both have been instrumental in ensuring our Cherokee culture stay intact as well as aiming to right a few historical wrongs.  Mark Meadows has been mentioned numerous times by tribal leaders as a staunch supporter of our tribe and its sovereignty.  Chuck Fleischman is a GOP representative in east Tennessee and was one of the lead politicians that proposed a bill on re-acquiring some of our ancestral homeland in and around Vonore, Tenn.  And just so everyone knows the bill passed and was signed into law by none other than President Trump.  But if you ask Democrats and certain tribal leaders, they would tell you Trump is racist and hates Natives.  In fact, President Trump has signed more bills into law in his first two years that have directly benefited Native Americans than Obama did in the same time frame.  Trump also has added more federally recognized Native Americans to the indubitable list with a bill he signed in January that recognized six tribes in Virginia. Not bad for someone who is supposed to hate Native Americans. Not bad for a political party that actually encourages its voters to think for themselves. So, this midterm election, steer clear of the racist, vile propaganda the left is trying to sell you own.  They could care less about minority lives.  They only care about minority votes.

Josh Holloway

Snowbird Community voter residing in Chattanooga, Tenn.