Big Y big winner at EBCI Community Awards

by Sep 19, 2018COMMUNITY sgadugi

COMMUNITY: Chumper Walker (left), EBCI Cooperative Extension director, presents members of the Big Y Community with the Community of Distinction Award at the annual Community Awards banquet held at the Yellowhill Activity Center on the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 18. Shown (left-right) are – Walker, Bunsey Crowe, Brianna Lambert, Tara Reed-Cooper, and Trudy Crowe. (SCOTT MCKIE B.P./One Feather photos)





The Big Y Community was the big winner at the annual EBCI Cooperative Extension Community Awards.  Named a Community of Distinction, the top community award on the night, Big Y was honored for its work throughout the year at the awards banquet held at the Yellowhill Activity Center on the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 18.

The communities are judged on the standards of the WNC Communities organization which states that a Community of Distinction is honored for “their ability to work together in assessing, developing, and implementing strategies to address community issues”.

Big Cove and Birdtown took the second tier award as a Community of Promise followed by Yellowhill, Snowbird, and Wolftown which were named Engaged Communities.  Tow String and Cherokee County Indian Club were both named Participating Communities.

COOKS: Kaelin Jones (left) and Emma Taylor (second from left) listen as Janet Owle, EBCI Cooperative Extensive family and consumer sciences agent, reads certificates honoring their participation in the Teen Cuisine Summer Program. Lucian Davis, who was not present at the event, was also honored.

Big Y also took first place in the Community Garden (Organic) contest and Yellowhill took first in the Community Garden (Conventional) division.

Chumper Walker, EBCI Cooperative Extension director, opened Tuesday’s program by thanking all of the communities and individuals for their work over the past year.  “This community depends on every person in this room in some form or fashion.”

Lisa Hardesty, of the Big Cove Community, was given an Outstanding Volunteer Award for her work as the outgoing Community Club Council secretary. “Thank you for the honor of allowing me to serve.  It’s been quite a joy and a privilege.”

Cherokee students Kaelin Jones, Emma Taylor, and Lucian Davis (not present) were honored with a Family & Consumer Science Award for their work over the summer with the Teen Cuisine Cooking Program where they offered cooking demonstrations and taught knife skills, food prep, and more.

Numerous garden awards were given during the evening including:

Youth Garden Awards

Big Cove

  • Youth Conventional, Seaborn Bradley


  • Youth Conventional , Jane Bradley


  • Youth Conventional , Tyler Ledford

Big Y

  • Youth Conventional, Jessilyn Lambert
  • Youth Organic, Kinley Crowe
  • Youth Family Conventional, Kaiser Hernandez, Samuel Hernandez, and Morgan Hernandez

Big Cove

  • Youth Conventional, James Arch
  • Youth Conventional, Noah Arch


  • Youth Organic, Resilynn Lossiah


  • Youth Conventional, Vivian Ross


  • Youth Conventional, Emily Jones
  • Youth Organic, Weston Smoker


Adult Garden Awards

Big Cove

  • Senior Organic, Mary Bottchenbaugh
  • Adult Conventional, 1st place, Tommy Bradley
  • Adult Conventional, 2nd place, Vita Nations
  • Senior Adult Conventional, 1st place, Tom Bradley Sr.

3200 Acre Tract

  • Adult Conventional, 1st place, Richard Owle


  • Adult Organic, 1st place, Robert Laplante
  • Senior Adult Conventional, 1st place, David Rowland
  • Senior 90+, 1st place, Rebecca Boyum
  • Adult Conventional, 1st place, Alynne Stamper

Big Y

  • Adult Conventional, 1st place, Jessie Lambert
  • Adult Family Organic, 1st place, Trudy Crowe

Tow String

  • Adult Conventional, 1st place, Robert Matthews

Cherokee County

  • Adult Organic, 1st place, Vic Haigler
  • Senior 70+, 1st place, Louise Davenport
  • Senior 70+, 2nd place, Irene Mathis
  • Senior 80+, Gertrude Kilpatrick


  • Adult Conventional, 1st place, Teresa Sampson
  • Senior Adult Conventional, 1st place, Barry Reed


  • Family Conventional, 1st place, Lynn and Ernie Lossiah
  • Family Conventional, 2nd place, Anita and Bo Lossiah
  • Family Conventional, 3rd place, Ella Lossiah
  • Senior Adult Conventional, 1st place, Bill Smith
  • Adult Conventional, 1st place, Rhonda Colindres


  • Senior Adult Conventional, 1st place, Lou Jackson
  • Adult Conventional, 1st place, Lily Bird