106th Annual Cherokee Indian Fair Schedule

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PARADE: Faith Long rides in last year’s Cherokee Indian Fair Parade on Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017. Later that night, she was crowned Miss Cherokee 2017-18. This year’s Fair kicks off with the Parade on Tuesday, Oct. 2. (SCOTT MCKIE B.P./One Feather)


Tuesday, Oct. 2 (Parade Day)


9am: Line up for parade

2:30pm: Judging

4pm: Parade starts

6pm: Opening prayer


– Presentation of colors;

– National Anthem;

– Cherokee Anthem


– Principal Chief and Vice Chief welcome;

– Council recognition;

– Recognition of Grand Marshals,

– Grand Marshals speech

6:40pm: Warriors of Anikituhwah

6:45pm: Face of the Future Dancers

7pm: Baily Mountain Cloggers

7:30pm: Matt Tooni (Flute Playing)

7:45pm: Lori Sanders

8pm: Miss Cherokee

10pm: Gates Close


Wednesday, Oct. 3 (Children’s Day)



– Gates and exhibit hall open,

– Sign-ups for archery (Unity)

9:45am: Baby crawling contest


– Ride wristbands given out;

– Archery begins at Unity Field;

– All-day stage show

10:15am: Sign-ups for contests begins

10:30am: Greasy pig contest

11am: Lunch begins


– Hula hoop;

– Rock, paper, scissors

11:45am: Team obstacle course


– Rides begin;

– Traditional Dancers

12:30pm: Longest hair contest begins

1pm: Longest hair contest ends

2pm: Youth stickball (6-9yrs) (Wolftown vs Big Cove) at Fairgrounds

3pm: Youth stickball (10-12yrs) (Wolftown vs Big Cove) at Fairgrounds

4pm: Men’s stickball (Wolftown vs Birdtown) at Unity Field

5pm: Buddy Big Mountain

6pm: Seventh Generation Dancers

6:45pm: Kenyas performance

7:30pm: Teen Miss Cherokee

9:30pm: Youth Lip Sync (12-16yrs)

11pm: Gates close


Thursday, Oct. 4 (Elder’s Day)



– Gates open

– Breakfast

9:15am: Presentation of colors

9:30am: Cornhole sign-ups

10am: Cornhole tournament


– Field events

– Maybell and Alfred Welch


– Lunch

– Door prize drawing

12:30pm: Bingo


– Field events end

– Remember Then

3pm: Lip Sync Battle seniors

4pm: Youth stickball (10-12yrs) (Big Cove vs Wolftown) at Fairgrounds

5pm: Elder’s stickball at Fairgrounds

6pm: Men’s Stickball (Hummingbirds vs Big Cove) at Unity Field

7pm: Little and Junior Miss Cherokee

9pm: Lip Sync Battle (17yrs and up)

10pm: Gates close


Friday, Oct. 5 (Veteran’s Day)



– Gates open

– Veteran’s walk


– Veteran’s lunch

– Aunt Bee’s Jam


– Opening ceremony

– Presentation of colors

– Opening prayer

– POW/MIA ceremony

– Guest speaker/Vietnam pinning ceremony

– EBCI Principal Chief

– Quilts of Valor ceremony

2pm: Wings to Soar/Birds of Prey

3:15pm: Youth Stickball (6-9yrs) (Big Cove vs Wolftown) at Fairgrounds

4:15pm: Aunt Bee’s Jam

4:30pm: Men’s stickball (Wolftown vs Big Cove) at Unity Field


– Spartanburg Rifle Drill Team

– Men’s Stickball (Birdtown vs Hummingbirds) at Unity Field


– Closing ceremony

– Angel flight

– EBCI roll call

– Sounding of TAPS

– Closing remarks

8:30pm: USO show

9:30pm: Ryan Perry Band

11pm: Gates close


Saturday, Oct. 6 (Community Day)



– Gates open

– Sign-ups for archery and blowgun

10am: Archery and blowgun at Unity Field

11am: Chief’s hour (on stage)

12:30pm: Wood chopping

1pm: Cornhole

1:30pm: Ladies hammer throw

2pm: Mens heavy throw

2:30pm: Tug-of-War


– Relay

– Co-ed volleyball tournament sponsored by CHS volleyball team

4pm: Teen stickball (13-17yrs) (Wolftown vs Big Cove) at Unity Field

4:30pm: Cherokee language quiz bowl

5pm: Men’s stickball (Wolftown vs Hummingbirds) at Unity Field

6pm: Men’s stickball (Birdtown vs Big Cove) at Unity Field

6:30pm: Shawn Abbott Band at the stage

7:30pm: Cherokee Lip Sync finale

9pm: The Legends of Country

10:30pm: Fireworks

11pm: Pretty legs

12am: Gates close