Tribal Council Results – Thursday, Aug. 2

by Aug 2, 2018NEWS ka-no-he-da


Note: These are unofficial results of the Tribal Council session.  Official results will be posted at under the Tribal Council Results tab once ratified count sheets are received from the TOP Office. 


New Ordinance: Ord. No. 293 – Free Press Ordinance amendments – DEEMED READ and TABLED

Held Item #12 from Budget Council on Tuesday, July 31: Tribal Council instructs the Principal Chief to lease or purchase a new Crew Cab Cabover Fire Truck for use by the Snowbird Volunteer Fire Department – PASSED

Item No. 1: Tabled Ord. No. 140 – Police Commission Ordinance amendments – WITHDRAWN

Item No. 2: Tabled Ord. No. 173 – Election Ordinance amendments – TABLED

Item No. 3: Tabled Ord. No. 174 – Code of Ethics amendments – TABLED for WORK SESSION

Item No. 4: Tabled Ord. No. 230 – Crimes Against Public Peace, add a new section to Cherokee Code Chapter 14 dealing with cyber bullying – PASSED

Item No. 5: Tabled Ord. No. 231 – Cherokee Code Chapter 14 (Weapons Offenses) amendments – PASSED

Item No. 6: Tabled Ord. No. 232 – Repeal of Cherokee Code Chapter 7C (Cherokee Tribal Drug Court) in its entirety “to allow the continued existence of the Cherokee Tribal Drug Court pursuant to Cherokee Code Chapter 7 Section 7-1(a) as a specialized court under the Judicial Branch” – TABLED for WORK SESSION

Item No. 7: Usage rights to parcel numbers 74-C, 74-E, 74-F, 74-G, and 74-H in the Painttown Community shall be transferred to the TCGE for continued development of the casino and hotel operations – PASSED as AMENDED

Item No. 8: Appointments to the Sequoyah National Golf Club LLC Board of Directors – TABLED

Item No. 9: Tribal Council instructs the Tribal Employee Benefits Committee and the Principal Chief to amend the EBCI Governmental Retirement Plan “vesting schedule” to include “15 years and thereafter for individuals who previously retired from employment outside the Tribe” – TABLED

Item No. 10: Approval of Forest Management Plan – PASSED

Item No. 11: Approval of acceptance and management of weather stations for agriculture and educational purposes – PASSED as AMENDED

Item No. 12: Appointment of Sky Nichole Sampson to Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority Governing Board – WITHDRAWN

Item No. 13: Appointment of Ahli-sha Stephens to Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority Governing Board – PASSED

Item No. 14: Mutual Help Homes Assigned – PASSED

Item No. 15: Last Will and Testament of George Abraham Bradley (d) – PASSED

Item No. 16: Recognition of heirs of Robert Bruce Arch (d) – PASSED

Item No. 17: Last Will and Testament of Clara Nell Roberson Ward (d) – PASSED

Item No. 18: Recognition of heirs of Linda Marlene Maney Wiggins (d) – PASSED

Item No. 19: Recognition of heirs of Charles David Johnson (d) – PASSED

Item No. 20: Amend Res. No. 236 (2016) regarding the estate of Beatrice J. Carver (d) – WITHDRAWN


– One Feather staff report