LETTER: Tribal member waiting on sidewalk

by Jul 9, 2018OPINIONS


We’re still waiting for the sidewalk we were promised.  Amanda (Swimmer) has pleaded safety for the students with no results.  What is the problem?  The bridge could be a shade farther down on the land.  We consider our solutions are there, and our kids are the most important.  So, let’s see this come into reality.

We need to name the sidewalk after Robert Youngdeer before it’s too late.  From what the contractor said last year, the sidewalk should be almost finished now…from Holiday Inn to Fisher Branch, remember?

Don’t wait for tragedy to happen before a bridge is available for emergency purposes, and the sidewalk makes walking on the dangerous road safer.  Do this for safety now and for years to come and be proud you just didn’t sit there to ‘get even’.  Oh what a happy day it will be when all of the above is done!  There is time to do good.  It is now.

While I’m at it, I might as well say, open up the track again so we can walk like the doctors are telling most of us.  If you want to live, you have to exercise.


Thank you,

Annette O. Fish