LETTER: Tribal member wants to go home

by May 23, 2018OPINIONS


I have asked several tribal offices for help, to no avail.  My home has been destroyed from numerous break-ins by family and their cronies.  I really would love to live in my home on Wrights Creek.  The final straw was the theft of my wood heated which was pulled completely out from under the pipes.  That heater was the heart of home.  It carried us through for over 40 years.  It is in another home now.

To say the least, the home has been trashed – busted windows, kicked-in dead bolts, you name it.  I want to go back home.  I’ve applied for a FEMA trailer – nine years ago.  I had all the people do what was necessary on my property.  When I questioned Qualla Housing, there wasn’t any paperwork there.  Evidently, my file was shredded.  I have placed an application for one of the cabins in Cherokee plus other places – no luck.

I just want to go home please.  I don’t want it torn down.  Is there anyone from the tribal offices and government that will help me?  I am not getting any younger.  I am a senior citizen who wants to go home – to my home on Wrights Creek.


Doris E. Smith (Smoker)