LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thank you youth for courteous treatment

by Apr 2, 2018OPINIONS


Several months ago, I had surgery on my knee and during that time I was debilitated, it was necessary for me to use a walker.  Being an avid sports fan, I started attending basketball events at the high school as soon as I could.  It was during this time that I was the recipient of compassion and respect shown to me by many students, and I want to acknowledge the care shown to me.

Every time I attended a game, there would be a student who noticed me and would come to my aid, either to open and hold a door, help me in the elevator or offer to bring me coffee. I was so impressed with the care these students showed me and want to acknowledge them someway.

Currently, we hear so many negative comments about our youth, and I want to say that I have hope in them.  Whoever has been an influence on them, whether as a teacher, support staff, parent, grandparent, or public role model, is to be commended for their efforts.  Remember that there is a youngster being affected and is internalizing your teachings.

Thank you for what you are giving to our young people…to care and respect their elders.



Sylvester Crowe

Yellowhill Community